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Coffee production and consumption - IELTS writting task 1. (PIE CHART)

Mabel21 1 / -  
Jan 4, 2022   #1

The pie chart below shows information about where coffee is produced, consumed and where is profit goes

The pie charts illustrate coffee production and consumption in different nations as well as places coffee's revenues are contributed to.

Overall, while South America hold the greatest coffee production ratio, the main consumer is Central America. In addition, shippers enjoy the highest profit from coffee.

In term of production, South America's proportion dominates over that of the rest with 44%, followed by Africa, Asia and Central America, whose ratio are 17%, 18% and 19% respectively, leaving Oceania behind with the rate of 2%.

As for coffee consumption, Central America is the major consumer, taking over more than a half of the pie. Whereas Japan consume rate is the lowest, at 7%. Asia ranked second in utilizing coffee with 27% and 11% is that of South America.

Regarding revenue generated from coffee, shippers benefit greatly from it, occupies 55% of the total profit five times that of producer with 11%. Standing at the second place is seller with 27% of profit being generated form coffee products, nearly 4 times that of explorer.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,051 4255  
Jan 4, 2022   #2
For the summary information, try to use specifics for the pie charts. At least mention how many pie charts are involved so that when you mention the information per chart, the reader will have a better idea of how to apply the pie chart information in relation to individual data. The trending paragraph is acceptable since it focuses on a major part of each pie chart. It shows the flow of the images in terms of information dominance.

The main problem in the presentation is the lack of properly developed simple and complex sentences in the paragraphs. The ideas are mostly presented as run-on or compressed sentences, instead of following a proper compare and contrast format for the information, By dividing the ideas into related sentences in the remaining paragraphs, the report will be much clearer and be easier to follow for the reader. The grammar range and accuracy score is limited in the overall presentation because of the run-on sentences.

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