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Some companies block their employees from using social media networks and websites such as facebook.

tuanchill 1 / -  
Jan 26, 2024   #1
Employees in most companies nowadays are banned from using social media networks and websites by their executives with the aim of raising their working efficiency. Personally, I totally agree with this decision, prohibiting social media and websites will not only prevent employees from being distracted but also help them have the ability to work independently.

On the one hand, transferring internal information via social media such as Facebook can be significantly faster than communication, and employees with social networks could handle the work in a more flexible way, which can both be beneficial in terms of working quality and elevating work morale. On the subject of stabilizing worker moods, a wide variety of entertainment from social networks can ease the pressure of an overwhelming workload while also bonding the employees together.

On the other hand, to prevent a downturn in company revenue, a majority of companies enacted restrictions on social networking to keep employees away from unnecessary distractions from work. Indeed, overusing social networks during work may lead to possible mistakes, and soon employees will stop putting effort into their work. The leak of the company's internal documents was also a potential danger that many companies wanted to avoid. On top of that, allowing employees to access social media will cause them to rely on it; restricting them not only avoids the hazards described above but also allows them to develop themselves on their own.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that a ban on social networks will have a great impact on how companies work, even though social networks such as Facebook can help employees in minority ways. But with those reasons above, it seems that the workers should stop using social networking during work time to create a higher productivity in the workplace.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Jan 28, 2024   #2
It is important that you are consistent in your response presentation. That means, allowing yourself to defend only one point of view since you clearly responded that this is the public opinion that you support the most. There is no sense in contradicting yourself in the discussion paragraph because this will only lead to confusion for your reader and a lack of clear understanding of your truly supported opinion. The paragraphs need not defend both sides of the discussion as these will only confuse the presentation. You should make sure to keep your opinion clear by focusing only on the reasons that your opinion is the correct one. You have to convince the reader that your opinion is correct by the 2nd reasoning paragraph.

Home / Writing Feedback / Some companies block their employees from using social media networks and websites such as facebook.
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