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computer is serving a lot of people in almost every field

mehak aijaz 2 / 4  
Jan 25, 2012   #1

computer is one of the most useful discoveries by man.It can be evident by its worldwide use in almost every field of science and technology.however it is argued that apart from its many usages ,it has some disadvantages too.In the following paragraph we will explore some of its advantages and disadvanteges

Firstly,computer has become one of the basic requirements of almost every institution ,for instance it is used for data collecton, keeping record at the adminstration offices ,students can easily prepare their thesis,presentations and assignments through different websites available.they can interact with the students of different universites all over the world and exchange their views n knowledge.looking at this example there is no doubt that computer is serving in so many ways.

secondly,computer is playing a vital role in the field of medical sciences,taking medical investigation as an example ,different machine like ecocardiography ultrasound ,MRI .holter monitoring. computerized tomography all are at the mercy of computer that has made it possible to diagose and investigate the disease in a quick and better way ,hence it wont be wrong to say that computer is the backbone of field of sceinces

however on the other side, it has some negative impacts on people's life specially for children and teenagers for instance,there is a tremandous amount of adult content on the internet. that is easily accessible that distract the teenagers and they get more prone to develop negative social behavior.internet is also a type of addiction,facebooking.chating and online videogames are the sources which are affecing students to fully concentrete ont thier studies.

To conclude,it can be said that computer is serving alot in almost every field wit its fewer negative points..but in my opinion computer is a blessing and a graet help in every walk of life.

please let me knw hw to imprve my inro n conclusion part thankyou waiting for ur replies

saurabh93 11 / 94  
Jan 26, 2012   #2
Your points are good, but talk more about how they relate to you than vice versa.
Can you read mine? thanks!!
OP mehak aijaz 2 / 4  
Jan 26, 2012   #3
thanks alot rubacca and surabh for reviewing my essay

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