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I would concede that knowledge from books is widely accepted - Ielts topic

hvthoteen 16 / 44 4  
Aug 4, 2011   #1
It has been said that, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books". Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience and knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

The differences between knowledge from books and from experience have erupted endless controversy. Various ideas and preferences have been presented. The purpose of my writing is to deeply discuss these sources of knowledge in two important aspects: accuracy and practicability, and to show my greater interest in knowledge accumulated from experience.

First and foremost, the accuracy of knowledge is crucially important. It is apparent that books are often written by professors, experts, or authorities in a variety of fields. Therefore, knowledge acquired from books is greatly accepted, which means that it is right to the bulk of people. Meanwhile, knowledge from experience seems a little different from information contained in books. To cite an example, it is common in books that water boils at 100 Celcius degree. However, the result is not always the same in reality because it also depends on the height, the purity of the water, and even the measuring tool. By and large, each source of knowledge has its own accuracy rate.

Next, the practicability is one of the most essential factors of knowledge. In my experience, information contained in books is usually put in criteria so that many people can read and understand the content. Consequently, it is difficult to apply knowledge from books into practice. Whereas, it is easy to put knowledge from experience in real life because it is acquired from what have happened to them. For instance, a student decides to learn about chemical reactions from books. This method is likely to be fast, simple, and even safe. Nevertheless, there is an increased likelihood that he neither remembers the necessary information for a long time nor knows how to do an make an experiment. Meanwhile, if he goes to the library and carries out the reactions, he is certain to have a thorough grasp of the phenomena seen. He is also able to use this information for the next times. Indeed, knowledge from experience helps people more than knowledge from books does.

In conclusion, I would concede that knowledge from books is widely accepted. However, I consider knowledge from experience as the more important source because of its negative impacts on real life. Experiencing a thing and drawing information from it is really interesting and helpful.
ekekek 25 / 51  
Aug 4, 2011   #2
Overall, your essay is quite good.

but because of a part of the topic is :

In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

so, I think it will make your essay more persuasive if you add on the four para. before conclusion to explain "which and why is more important".
OP hvthoteen 16 / 44 4  
Aug 5, 2011   #3
can a moderator tell me how to deal with this kind of topic.
I am not sure whether my way of approaching is good or not

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