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IELTS: conflict with parents a necessary part of growing up?

annyali93 4 / 7  
Mar 22, 2013   #1
I'm taking my ielts tomorrow. please help me out. thank you.

Q: Some people view teenage conflict with their parents as a necessary part of growing up, whilst others view it as something negative which should be avoided. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Adolescence is a difficult stage of everyone's lives, thus conflict between parents and teen might happen in the process of growing up. Critics may view this in the negative light, however other assert that it is a part of maturing into adulthood.

The arguments in favour of this would generally based their view that the clash between teenagers and parents is inevitable in the early adulthood stage, This is because teenagers are starting to think independently at this stage, so the conflict of interest with their parents are unavoidable. In the west, this is seen in the positive light - as opposed to the negative view of many Asian cultures. Western culture depict this clashing as a way which teenagers try to 'break free' from their parent's clutch, and their wanting of living independently.

However, there are strong arguments against this view because others perceived that it is rude and insolence toward their parents. Those who hold these views are typically Asian cultures. These cultures practises the submission of teenage to parents as a way of showing respect, and of course, this means no conflicting of interest between both parties. This is because 'conflict' is seen as being rebellious, as opposed to being independent in the Western cultures.

In conclusion, I personally think that teenagers should not be in total submission to their parents as it will kill the trait of thinking independently. Children should communicate closely with their parents and accept their view points as a guideline. Furthermore, if children were isolating themselves within the narrow confines of their age group, it would only limit their view of the world and preventing them from growing up in the best possible way.

mhss 18 / 53 18  
Mar 22, 2013   #2
Please note that,
Conjunction "so" is considered in formal thus better to avoid.
Western culture depictS this clashing as a way IN which teenagers ...
others PERCEIVE..

Your argument "in favour" can be strengthen by,
Pointing out the hormonal effect in early adulthood.
Some of the behavioural changes are beneficial in terms of leadership,....

Your explanations are very clear.Good luck for the exam!


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