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Cost of living is rising. Effects and solutions?

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Feb 5, 2020   #1

spending more for basic needs

It is true that the price of living is more and more increasing rapidly in all around the world. Therefore, it bears lots of changes on how people live, earn, and spend their money.

Firstly, the biggest reason which causes this problem is the demand is higher day after day, but natural, goods, foods resources is are becoming scarcely. This problem is the consequence of the higher population density and it puts stress on many aspects of our lives. The cost of food and drinks increasing is the most serious as it decides life quality. If people do not have enough money and they cannot afford to adequate rations, their family will be difficulty in living due to starvation. As a results, they are not able to work effectively so they less money because of their poor productivity. For example, with 3$ earning everyday, poor people only eat noodles instead of rice with meat. Additionally, the cost of renting house is growing dramatically which contributes a lot on the financial burden of all people. The rare of accommodation and the overpopulation makes renting house is a complex question to low-earning people. For instance, people in Hong Kong have to live in some places like cages, there life is difficult and they must choose there to live since it is not expensive for them to afford.

Secondly, some solutions must be used to solve this knotty phenomenon gradually. The most effective remedy is stopping rising the price of food in the supermarket, it will help people a lot. Local government can do it by support the farms with money for transportation and the price will decrease. Moreover, government should build more home which is small but clean and cheap for people to live in. In addition, Increasing the earning of people is integral that helps people manage their lives effectively.

In conclusion, the cost of living increasing affects a lot on lives but if government can help people in many aspects of lives, this cost of living is not a complicated question.

Summary: the cost of living consist of: food, accommodation, etc is increasing rapidly. This problem is a big question to many people especially low-earning peple.

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Feb 6, 2020   #2
I am not sure if you are writing a Task 2 essay here or just a practice essay for general English classes. Regardless, your original prompt was: In many countries, the cost of living is rising. What effects do higher prices have on individual and society? And what are better ways for people to deal with the high cost?

In any essay, a writer's representation of the given discussion is a requirement. Based on the above prompt, one can clearly see that your paraphrase is incomplete in presentation. You need at least 3 sentences to represent a minimum, complete paraphrase such as:

Nations across the globe are affected by the constant elevation of the cost of living. These increased costings directly affect the international community. This essay will focus on presenting information regarding the effects of the uncontrolled price increases and methods by which the citizens of any country can address the regular increase in the cost of living.

You only have a limited amount of time to complete this essay in a coherent manner. Your second paragraph has too much information for processing which resulted in a confused form of writing. Next time, try this format:

Par. 2: Effects of prices on society
Par. 3 - Ways to deal with the problem

Do not try to discuss both instructed discussion points in a combined form. That creates incoherence in the presentation since you are not a native English speaker. Your grammar structure tends to confuse the reader because your sentence formation can be difficult to understand. However, if you group the discussion by sentence topic, there is a chance you will be able to better explain yourself and in the process, keep the discussion points clear for the reader.
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Feb 6, 2020   #3
foods resources is are becoming scarcely -> you should get rid of "is".

I agree with @Holt, you put too much in your second paragraph.

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