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In many countries, children are becoming overweight and unhealthy. Some people think that the govern

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Nov 7, 2021   #1

is it the governent role to tackle the obesity problem among children?

In many parts of the world, it is increasingly common for children to gain weight out of control and lead a sedentary lifestyle over the past few decades. While many people argue that it is essential for the government to tackle this problem, I completely disagree with this statement because parents and young individuals should be responsible for this.

There are several reasons why it is not the government's obligation to handle increasing overweight problems and unhealthy lifestyles among children. Firstly, the government has to take responsibility for other serious problems that have immediate impacts on the development of a country. For instance, manifold imperative issues that are directly associated with national security or devastating environmental phenomena need more of the government's concern. As a result, if the government had to be accountable for dealing with the prevalence of overweight and an unhealthy lifestyle among teenagers, it would lead to the lack of time and national budgets allocated for other more serious problems. Another argument is that the popularity of children's overweightness arises from their unhealthy eating habits and their sedentary lifestyles. In other words, teenagers, nowadays, consume too much fast food which are rich in saturated fat and deficient in nutritious substances and spend hours and hours staring at interactive screens instead of taking regular exercise. Therefore, it is definitely true that children should take responsibility for their obesity rather than the government.

Moreover, I hold a belief that parents of children who are suffering from overweightness should be liable for this matter. They should pay attention to which food their offspring eat everyday. By doing so,they can make a great contribution to controlling the balance of nutrients in children's diet, reducing the incidence of being overweight among children. Moreover, parents should educate their kids about dire consequences of the excessive consumption of junk food so that they can be more aware of their unhealthy eating habits. In addition, it can make a huge difference to the decrease in children's weight, if parents limit the amount of time allowed for using the Internet and other online platforms and encourage them to take part in outdoor activities to lead a more active lifestyle.

In conclusion, I believe that the government has no duty to address the obesity issue which is increasingly popular among children since it is the responsibility of children and their parents
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Nov 8, 2021   #2
The prompt restatement is totally inaccurate. It fails to refer to the original statement as it adds a discussion on a sedentary lifestyle along with a misplaced time frame reference. Both additions have changed the original statement leading to an unrelated topic representation. However, the reference to government responsibility and accurate response presentation saved the paragraph score.There will be a minimal deduction applied for the erroneous first sentence.

overweight problems and unhealthy lifestyles

Redundant words used in the essay. Use synonyms or refrain from the constant mention as it will result in a score down based on memorized phrases.

sedentary lifestyles

This is a topic that is not included in the original presentation. The constant reference further adds to the score markdown.


Repeated transition word. Work on synonym usage.

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