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IELTS TASK 2: Should countries invite foreign companies to open their branches to boost the economy?

ngtchi 1 / -  
Aug 17, 2021   #1
Some people believe that countries should invite foreign companies to open their branches, offices and factories in order to develop their economy. Others think countries should invest in their own companies instead.

discuss both views and give your own opinions.

It is argued that to boost a country's financial system, the authority better expand branches and manufacturers with oversea institutions. Personally, I agree with this suggestion. However, it seems to many that spending on domestic firms is more preferable.

Investment in local companies might assist a country to develop independently. In other words, it is obvious that given enough national funding, enterprises are more capable of producing things to serve the whole nation, as well as to export. Therefore, the domestic economy will be promoted and the quality of products will also be raised without being influenced by other nations. For instance, by applying advanced technologies and paying more attention to each technical stage, numerous fresh Vietnamese fruits, such as litchi, mango, etc. have reached many European countries with rigorous testing requirements.

Having said that, I believe that cooperation with external businesses should be encouraged as it brings about several well-paid job opportunities and a better working environment. That is to say, if people want to be accepted by an international company, there may be a need for them to fulfil strict requirements, such as being fluent in English or owing specialized degrees. As a result, staff in these firms have all the right to receive high payment. That aside, foreign partnerships often offer workers state-of-the-art equipment, which is advantageous in increasing productivity. Also, local employees may have the chance to work with well-educated and professional colleagues in a multilingual atmosphere, thus enhancing knowledge, both practical and academic.

In conclusion, even though internal companies have some noticeable advantages, I suppose bigger effort should be focused on inviting oversea businesses. Consequently, not only the local economy but also residents themselves benefit from it.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,223 4319  
Aug 18, 2021   #2
When presenting a comparison + personal opinion essay, the writer must not be seen as trying to convince the reader to side with his opinion. All discussions must be presented in a way that leaves the final decision to the reader. The statement

However, it seems to many that spending on domestic firms is more preferable.

should not be present in this paragraph as it creates a forced decision for the reader.

The discussion paragraphs are faulty in the sense that the writer is presenting repeated personal opinions rather than explaining the validity of each public opinion, countered by a personal opinion in the same paragraph. The discussions are not properly balanced in the paragraph presentations. Familiarity with the 2 discussion types for this essay will help the writer decide which discussion format will be easier for him to use when responding to this discussion instruction. Use either:

- 2 public opinion analysis paragraphs + Personal opinion


- One public opinion explanation + personal opinion in the same paragraph (done twice, once for each point of new).

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