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Creative Writing: Descriptive Analysis of a Forest

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Feb 25, 2016   #1
Imagine walking through a lush forest with a path that takes you the most scenic route possible. On this lightly, yet meaningfully treaded trail, you stroll casually, surrounded by lush and abundant moss colored an innocent green shade. Accompanying the parasitic moss taking over large rocks on the path's outskirts, are multiple leaves of fern and similar foliage. These types of plant life prove as evidence that a warm and wet climate most likely exists in this photo's location. The fog peeking through the winding trees is further proof of a climate with a large amount of moisture. The winding trees that reveal the foggy sky are dark and skinny and covered with the same moss and foliage on the rocks and soil beneath the trees. On the pathway, large, earthy-toned rocks are used as steps on the downward path further into the lush forest. The steep path shows only the peak of the hill, only leading the viewer to assume that a steep trail exists below. Calmness and serenity are a couple words that come to mind when I view this photo. Some people may view this scenery as eerie or creepy because of the fact that there is one path and a lack of sunlight, but personally, the neutrality of the lighting along with the quietness the picture portrays puts me to ease. One may imagine that fairies, elves or other mystical creatures would live in the habitat shown in this photo due to the fact that it seems almost otherworldly. Reasons for this ethereal perception would be due to the fact that in fantasy games and movies that these creatures exist in usually include a similar type of setting as in this photo.

Titled as "Enchanted Forest", this image was captured in Portugal's beautiful Bucaco Mountains. When I looked up more information about the geography and climate of this forest, it does indeed experience a large amount of precipitation. This wet weather results in morning fog, an indicator that this photo was most likely taken in the early morning. The photographer, Hugo Ferreira, uploaded this photo to National Geographic on September 15th, 2015. While Ferreira may have taken this photo at an earlier time period, if it was uploaded soon after the shot was taken, the season of the area during the time photo was shot would be summer. This is further evidence that the climate would indeed be warm, promoting the foggy skies and foliage that thrives in the area. If Ferreira had chosen to take the photo at the top of the ledge on the trail, exposing the steep, downward path, the photo would take on a completely different feel. While the comfortable angle exposing the generally level background allows for a feeling of calmness, showing a downward drop may make the viewer less at ease or exhibit more of an excited, adrenaline-filled emotion. If this photo were taken at a different location in the forest-filled Bucaco Mountains, such as the entrance, the feelings and general appearance of the photo would be strikingly different. Being a popular tourist spot, the Bucaco Mountains has a man-made entranceway, and if the photo were taken in this spot, the magic brought upon the viewer of an otherworldly land would be diminished. Lastly, it is obvious that this photo was taken deeper in the forest. Not only is the man-made entrance undetectable, but also the photo appears to be at a higher elevation, and the beginning of the trail would most likely begin at a lower elevation to provide accessibility to hikers and trail blazers. Overall, this photo evokes an enchanted aura, hence the name given to the photo by the photographer who likely experienced similar emotions.
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Feb 26, 2016   #2

It is rather well written text. However, you should consider replacing some repeatedly occurring words with synonyms. For example, instead of using the word 'lush' for the second and third times, you could use 'exuberant' or 'luxuriant' - the text will sound much better that way. Also, some sentences sound a bit award, like the following : "These types of plant life prove as evidence that a warm and wet climate most likely exists in this photo's location ". You could reformulate this sentence to sound as follows: "Because of the surrounding scenery, there can be only a few doubts that we talk some warm and wet climate in the photo ". Another thing - many sentences in your text could be simplified, which will make them much more intelligible, like the following: "Calmness and serenity are a couple words that come to mind when I view this photo ". You could just say: "I when I look at the photo, I feel calm and serene". Overall, the text makes much sense - you should just go through it again and apply the suggested corrections. I hope, this came of help. W.

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