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Apr 19, 2022   #1
Some people think that the death penalty is the only suitable punishment for some of the worse crimes, but others think it is wrong and should not be allowed.

Consider both sides and give your own opinion.

Write at least 250 words.

All over the world, capital punishment is carried out against convicted delinquents who have been found guilty of committing heinous crimes. On the one hand, opponents of capital punishment agree that it should be forbidden, whereas proponents can point to a number of equally arguments in favor of the death sentence.

From the pro-life viewpoint, it is morally wrong for a government to execute its own citizens, and the death penalty is an ineffective deterrent. Indeed, there is inconclusive evidence to show that it deters people from committing horrific crimes. For example, in the USA pro-death penalty states do not have lower murder rates. In addition, pro-life lobbyists point to the fact that while poor people are over-represented in death penalty statistics, rich people often pay their way out of trouble with clever lawyers. Consequently, innocent poor people could be unjustly executed, whereas some culpable rich people might escape justice. Thus unless a legal system is flawless, capital punishment ought to be illegal.

Despite the above arguments, advocates of capital punishment would argue that executing murderers and serial killers is justified. To begin with, if a criminal murders someone, then the victim's family ought to expect a punishment that is proportionate to the convicted killer's crime, which will help the bereaved family to find 'closure' and move on with their shattered lives. Moreover, it is unfair to expect taxpayers to pay for convicted murderers, rapists, and serial killers to live in prison for life. For instance, it costs the U.S. taxpayers approximately $100.000 a year to keep a lifer in a high-security prison. Finally, while D.N.A and forensics have made it less likely for innocent people to be convicted, some dangerous killers have escaped or been released from prison and killed successively.

On balance, it is my opinion that if somebody has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt to have intentionally murdered another citizen, then the punishment should be equal to their crime. Therefore, in order for justice to be fair, I believe that the death penalty ought to be applied to the most evil of crimes.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Apr 19, 2022   #2
The prompt restatement should not include a reference to the global scale of death penalty agreement as that is not indicated in the original prompt topic or reason. As that is the writers personal opinion, it should be presented elsewhere in the appropriate discussion paragraphs. It must also be pointed out that the lack of the writers clear opinion atthe end of this paragraph makes it incomplete since the paragraph is scored on the prompt restatement + writers opinion consideration. The lack of the latter means the scoring consideration will be incomplete for that section.

This is a 5 paragraph essay. There needs to be 3 reasoning paragraphs + 1 conclusion. Without a proper concluding summary, the essay could automatically garner a failing score due to an incorrect discussion format. Never neglect to present a concluding summary or reverse paraphrase at the end. Avoid all reasons for scoring deductions that could lead to an auto-fail in the final score.

The reasons and explanations are clear to the reader.The opposing arguments are well represented in a general manner to show the difference from the writer's personal opinion.something most writers of this prompt format often fail to do. Good job!

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