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CRIME RATES are increasing due to uneducated people migrating to the cities

ceko 1 / -  
Jan 15, 2011   #1
In recent years, crime rates have gone up dramatically in big cities all around the world. People who have migrated from rural areas to big cities have underlied a myriad of security problems.In this respect, There are numerous reasons why individuals who migrate to big cities bring about to increase in crime rates in terms of lack of education and changes in values.

To begin with lack of education, it can easily be asserted that in today's world, education has become indispensible part of people' lives. There are great connections between education and crime rates. As, studies done on this issue indicate that people who are involved in illegitemate ways are generally composed of uneducated individuals. Millions of people who migrate to big cities have difficulties in finding a well-paid job and meeting their needs. Moreover they may be deprived of receiving a good education. Because of this, they are obligated to resort to illegal ways in order to afford their expences. Eventually, lack of education constitutes a threat to society in big cities. It plays a leading role in increasing crime rates in big cities. Should the governments desire to eradicate such issue, they should create new educational opportunities for their citizens who live in big cities.

When it comes to changes in values, it is undeniable fact that almost all social and cultural structures have undergone lots of changes in recent years. Technological, political and social developments set the stage for such changes in the world. People who migrate to big cities are also influenced these changes negatively. Because, whilst they have older and fair cultural and religious values in their hometown, they are obligated to keep up with changes when they migrated to big cities. İn this regard, corruption of cultural values emerged as an inevitable compulsion. İn big cities , personal benefits have become more important than cultural and religious values. And, individuals begin to turn a blind eye these values because of their economical interests. In brief, People who neglect their cultural and religious values are more likely to involve in criminal activities.

It can be concluded that lack of education and changes in values can be regarded as two of the major causes of increasing crime rates in big cities. As far as I am concerned, especially the governments should show great determination and take initiative to handle the issue. İt is vital fact that the more crime rates decrease, the more peaceful cities will become.

braiden992 - / 18  
Jan 15, 2011   #2
If you are suppose to write an introductory research paper, you should support claims with research. One could easily assert that the reason there is more crime in the city, is because there are more people living in the city. Others would counter argue that many violent crimes have actually decreased in large cities in the last decade...which numerous criminology research articles have shown. Moreover, it is also interesting that the rates of teenage pregnancy have also dropped among teens in many urban settings. If all these claims are true, then the argument for morality causing these trends would be falsely based, in which the recent decrease in crime and rise in immorality would logically suggest something else. Anyhow, without solidified statistics, your claims are unfounded and are nothing more than opinions. Do some research, cite some statistics, and re-post your essay.
EF_Susan - / 2,365 12  
Jan 23, 2011   #3
Hey, I think this essay is solid. It's a well-made argument that absolutely does show strong evidence that crime rates increase when more and more people go to the city, and also due to cultural differences, and the other reasons you mentioned. This is a strong essay.

One criticism might be that it is too obvious.

It can be more specific and less obvious if you make a specific suggestion about what should be done. That will make the essay more meaningful. You just said you want to see government "handle the issue," but that does not really meaning anything. So... take a stand, and make a suggestion. I think people should be able to go where they want to go, so what would you say to that argument. :-) Make an assertion about what government should do.

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