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Speech critique 1 - a subject that can be supported by empirical data

samuraitom 23 / 18  
Apr 8, 2008   #1
Critique please. Thanks

The following is a informative speech critique on me, X. The speech was to convey information about a certain subject that can be supported by empirical data. After watching my performance on tape, my impression was that my speech was a overall good speech that met many requirements. The organization, delivery, and visual/audio aid were good.

The organization of my speech was good and provided sufficient information to support my thesis. The speech started with a somewhat lackluster hook, but I previewed the topics that were to be discussed in the speech. It was organized in a logical progression. I may made use of transitional words between the three main topics. I gave citation for the various details which met the citation requirements. I believe that I gave adequate information about the various topics for the audience to be satisfied.

The delivery was also pretty good. I improved on my enunciation and projection of my voice. My natural movements helped to express what I was saying. My eye contact was decent except I tended to give less eye contact to the right side of the room. I stumbled and paused on different section of the speech due my notes being horrible. I wrote too much information on my notes and ended up losing my place in the speech. My notes were also too small and made me squint to read what I wrote. I relied on the powerpoint too much and as a result, I looked back at the screen unnecessarily when I should have focused on the audience. My speech time was too long at twelve minutes. I think that the audience were focused on my speech the majority of the time.

My audio and visual aid was good. The powerpoint helped to keep the audience's attention with the interesting pictures. The different slides were organized well and were not overloaded with text. I also utilized video, but it did not go quite as smoothly as I would have liked. The video came at the end of the speech and was disorganized because it was not embedded into the slides itself. The videos were funny since the audience was laughing along with me. Overall, I think my audio and visual aid helped to boost my speech.

The organization was good but can definitely be improved on with the introduction. The delivery was also good with rough spots, which can be improved on with more practice. The audio and visual aid was the best thing. I would have given my performance an A.

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