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IELTS TASK2: Dangers of the Internet - is it an excellent means of communication?

Mayank7g 9 / 17  
Mar 30, 2017   #1
It is generally believed that the internet is an excellent means of communication, but some people suggest that it may not be the best place to find information.

Internet and Web Security

There is no doubt that today Internet is the need of every individual. Some people believed that the internet is an eminent source of communication while the other argues that it is not the best place to find information. In my opinion, the Internet is the boon for the society if used in an efficient manner. I will discuss both views in my essay.

On the one hand, people who believe that the Internet is not the place where one can get facts and figures might argue that there are lots of web scam happening these days. This is because there are websites which look like genuine, however, in actual they have been operated by hackers to hack the computers and try to steal some information from our computer. For instance, one newspaper gave an evidence that each day, at least 10% population around the world gets hacked on the network. The vulnerability of computers can be suppressed if one should aware about the security of our computer. As a result, the Internet will be the safest place to surf and find the information.

On the other hand, in my view if internet is used in an efficient manner, there is hardly anything which it cannot answer. The reason for this is in the contemporary world for students it is the primary source of information as they get the answer of any question on it. For example, in a recent survey, it is observed that the numbers of students taking tuitions are subsequently decreased and they have started learning through the Internet. As a consequence of this, they are able to more deep thrive the topics they study. Therefore, it depends on the individuals that how they take advantage of the network source available to them.

In conclusion, despite the danger of web security which Internet can create, this is my firm belief that if used in the befitting manner it can be a real asset for the society.
tamtamii 9 / 7  
Mar 30, 2017   #2
halo @Mayank7g

I have read your essay and I found some mistakes. In the first paragraph, you wrote "on the other hand" but there is not previous sentence that explain the reverse. I argue that your idea is quite good but your explanations do not inform detail. I also found there is an idea which is out from the question. You also have to pay more attention with connection to make your paragraph become coherence.

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