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"death is inevitable - everybody dies" - Soma Mine Disaster

bora99 3 / 12 7  
May 22, 2014   #1
Regardless of the counted years, death is inevitable; in other words, everybody dies. Though, death appears for a special purpose, such as health problems, accidents or cruelty, but not destiny. After the sorrowful mine disaster in Soma, finding logical reasons for 301 people's deaths has become indispensable for the Turkish government. However, the state claimed that the destiny led to Soma mine disaster, which was completely inaccurate and unsatisfactory. As the government has become unreliable, opponents questioned the problem and found out the actual causes: Soma mine disaster has happened due to economic and political goals in favor of the government and the companies and ignorance of human rights.

To begin with, economic aims caused to Soma mine disaster due to capitalism, allowing illegal workers and extra coal policy. Initially, as long as capitalism is applied, the disastrous race between companies, including Soma Holding keeps existing. For example, in order to beat each other, firms regard fraud and cruel attitudes as a useful policy; hence, the race never ends despite the devastating consequences. Accordingly, considering the urgent job needs of poor people, companies employ illegal workers to make a profit, which does not provide security for these workers. Thus, after an accident, illegal workers end up in wretched conditions as they cannot benefit from legal rights or any insurance. Moreover, as a result of the race, the policy of mining extra coal occurred and ordered to mine more coal than it is needed. Therefore, required attention to safety became overshadowed and neglected. In a nutshell, Soma mine disaster happened because of economic goals such as applying capitalism, illegal labor and extra coal policy.

Furthermore, the Turkish government's political aims also triggered Soma mine disaster. First of all, because the government needs poor individuals' votes to remain in power, poor families are provided coal for free. As an illustration, the state uses the principle of "you scratch my back and I will scratch yours" by supplying free coal, but nothing else. Thus, the coal policy applied to win elections increases the danger risk that can befall the mine labors because it demands to mine a torrent of coal. In the same way, the government's aims about showing off and seeming sympathetic by free distribution policy do not only manipulate people's feelings, but also cause risks against the miners. For instance, plenty of people are deceived owing to free coal distribution without considering the drawbacks of this issue in terms of mines. To clarify, in order to impress people, the state endangers miners' lives by necessitating to mine excessive amount of coal. Ultimately, political aims of the Turkish government have an effect on Soma mine disaster.

Additionally, ignorance of human rights impacted Soma mine disaster, too. Primarily, the companies use child labor to make a profit on employee expenses. To exemplify, as children are weaker in the perspective of employers, they require less wage, attention and money; hence, they prefer to make children work, which is completely against human rights. Secondly, whether it is commended by the government or chiefs or the company, miners are overworked no matter how old they are. Then, this workload gradually overwhelms the miners and leads to troubles, such as an extreme death rate in Soma mine disaster. Besides, the labors are forced to languish in miserable conditions. For example, during the disaster, miners were given the gas masks, but neither was it taught how to use the masks nor the masks were useful due to the clay on the surface of the gas masks, according to one of the survivors. To demonstrate, miners are exposed to struggle in pitiful conditions even though it is unacceptable. In brief, violence of the human rights triggered Soma mine disaster.

Overall, the government's and the institutions' economic and political goals and human rights abuse caused Soma mine disaster. Although the government rejects the actual reasons for 301 people's deaths, there is no doubt that the state is a cause itself. From the survivors to journalists, the government is in charge of 301 dead bodies and comprehensive mourning. In addition, nobody can drop the subject by displaying reckless attitudes and irrational excuses. Again, there is no destiny, but logic and conscience.
odon 12 / 27 2  
May 23, 2014   #2
Hi bora99,
Nice essay :D
But I noticed some error.

Though, death appears for a special purpose, such as health problems, accidents or cruelty, but not destiny.

1. "cruelty" and "purpose" is not appropriate word for this sentence.
2. many commas make this sentence incoherent.
3. I am not sure that form of this sentence is correct.
Though death is due to some special causes such as health problems, accidents or criminal actions , it is not a cause of destiny .
OP bora99 3 / 12 7  
May 23, 2014   #3
Thanks for your correction :D

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