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Decision based on emotions leads to poor decision making.

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Nov 12, 2015   #1
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People who make decisions based on emotion and justify those decisions with logic afterwards are poor decision makers

Decision making is the important aspect of life and different people have different criteria for making their decisions in life. Some prefer to decide the things emotionally and some lead a pragmatic approach with cogent reasons towards the decision making. I believe that every situation has its own parameters for the right decisions, but a good decision maker is the one who do not let the emotions overpower them and decide practically keeping in mind both the emotions and logicality related to the situation.

According to me, people who make decisions based on emotion and justify their decisions with logic afterwards can not be considered as the poor decision makers, because at last what matters is the right decision but not how the decision was made. Some decisions are for family and some are for career, it depends the relativity of the case with the person. I would like to state here my own decision of becoming a doctor. I pursued the medical field only because of my emotional attachment with the people who care for others and provide services despite my poor grade in science. Had I decided to think logically and pursued engineering instead , I would not be happy as today. My decision of becoming a doctor later justified to be the best option as career inspite of the emotional fact related to it. Emotions create passion and passion develop interest which further lead to success in whatever we do but being overly sentimental creates depression and thus lead to failure in life. Thus, I would not fully agree with the statement that decisions taken emotionally are not the correct decisions because the emotions sometimes justify our reasons and develop our thinking to act logically.

On the contrary, some decisions are taken throwing the emotions on one side. For an instance, consider a huge company who had a downfall and is on the verge of raze. It will be required by the company to take decisions for handling the crisis and thus, avoiding the descent of the business like merging the company with another successful company or selling the company and compensate for the losses with the amount offered. At this time , where everything is at stake for the company , it would be futile to act emotionally to not to let go of the company but to take a logical step for saving the company. Therefore, I would say that poor decision makers are those who react emotionally in every situation leading to failure in life.

In a nutshell, I would say that a good decision maker is the one who can distinguish between the emotional and over emotional thinking and thus, could take the decisions practically for the good.

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