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The diagram below shows the production of olive oil. Summarize the information - 7 stages involved

pminhanh 1 / -  
Oct 7, 2023   #1

olive oil production

The diagram portrays the process of making olive oil. Overall, there are seven stages involved in the production, commencing with collecting olives fruits, followed by processing steps and culminating with storing and selling finished products to customers.

The process commences when olive fruits are hand-collected and then transported to a rinsed machine where these are washed with cold water. Next, the olives fruits are moved to a conveyor belt in order to dry before being smashed them becoming pure mixed. As soon as olive stones are separated from olive paste, it is packed in the subsequent step.

Pressing the bag with holes is the fifth step in the process of making olive oil, after which the mixed liquid is put into a machine where oil is separated from water. The final stage involves storage and packing before selling to customers.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,669 4754  
Oct 8, 2023   #2
You have summarized the presentation too much. In your desire to present the quickest version of information possible, you accidentally did not meet the 150 word count. You stopped short of 10 words, at 140 words. So there will be a percentage deduction for the missing 10 words. As such, I doubt that you will be able to manage a passing score for this essay after the overall scoring assessment has been done. It is not that you did not do a good job of reporting the process, because you did. It is that you did not write enough words to actually pass the test. So that will be the main reason why you will either get a very low passing score or, a failing mark when all things are considered for your scor.e

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