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The diagram below shows how a solar powered water pump works

nhatanhen 1 / -  
Mar 12, 2024   #1
The diagram illustrates how clear water is produced by solar energy
Overall, there are 5 stages in this process, commencing with the collection of energy from sunlight and culminating with taking the water produced for use
In the first step, heat from the sun is accumulated using solar panels and then transformed into electricity.The conversion of light into electricity is known as the photovoltaic phenomenon.This electricity is then used in a pump which pumps out underground wells. After this steps, pump running on electricity is employed to force natural water up a pipe The pipe connects the pump to the water tank

Following that, the drinkable water is initial holding up on the tank, a pipe is underneath of its where wall be along with the portable water are taken out the movable container which is attached the tap. Clean water can be drawn from this tank for different purposes like drinking or cooking, and this brings the process to an end.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,787 4778  
Mar 20, 2024   #2
The immediate problem with this presentation is the format. A task 1 essay follows the 3 paragraph format in most instances. You do not have that in this presentation. The summary overview is short by 1 more sentence so it cannot be considered an accurate summary at this point. You have an open ended sentence in the first part as well. You forgot to put a full stop (period) at the end.

Use a numerical reference for the steps indicated. Divide it into 2 parts to stretch over 2 paragraphs. The 5 steps must be clearly identified with each step separated as a stand alone sentence in the paragraph. There is no need for analysis in this case. Basic reporting will do since it is a procedural report.

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