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Task 1: different types of waste disposed of in one country

Iloveielts 8 / 16 1  
Jul 30, 2022   #1

TWO pie charts ANALYSIS

The 2 pie charts compare 9 categories of waste discarded in a particular country in 1960 and 2011. Overall, the initial impression is the amount of paper, textiles and other which were disposed of fell significantly while there was a considerable increase in the disposed plastic, food and wood. It can also be seen that the figures for glass and green waste remained unchanged.

In 1960, paper accounted for 25% of total disposal, but by 2011, this fell to slightly less than one-sixth. Moreover, the amount of textile experienced a significant drop from 17% to just over a tenth in the particular time frame. In terms of other, its figure in 2011 was three times lower (4%) than it was in 1960 (12%).

In contrast, the proportion of plastic discarded saw a substantial growth from 8% to nearly 1 fifth while the figure for wood was twice as high, at 8% compared to 4%. Another notable increase was in the percentage food thrown away, which by 2011 was nearly double the 1960 figure(12%). In a meantime, the disposal of glass, metal and green waste remained constant, with proportions of approximately 9% for the first two and 5% for the latter

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,250 4653  
Aug 5, 2022   #2
The trending paragraph should be simpler in presentation. It should not a total report paragraph unto itself as is presented here. A trend is measurement specific. Pick the highs and lows of the most notable part of the listing. The last sentence was really unnecessary in this case. Do not overdo it because that tends to cut into the actual reporting paragraphs already. Use up to 2 sentences for the trend. The blending of the summary overview + trending consideration certainly helped to make that paragraph stronger and fall within a higher preliminary scoring bracket.

The rest of the report needs to use a uniform data presentation. Either present it as fractional, or present it as specific percentages. Always go with what the image actually presents. In this case, use percentages. Where actual measurements are not indicated, fractional assumptions may be effectively used.

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