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The different of weight in England

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Sep 25, 2023   #1

the proportion of the weight of english people

Both of the graphs divide the population in England into four different kind of weight of men and women in a period from 1993 to 2002.
To depend on these graphs. We can see that. A little less than half the male population ( roughly 47% ) had had the healthy weight. After the figure dropped to bellow 40% ( more and less 48% ). Opposite the decresing of the healthy weight of men that was an increasing of the overweight, beginning is 40% in 1993 and approximately 48% in 2002. The percentage of obesity also increased slightly by 5% in 2002 ( from 10% to 15% ). Beside, in the dangerously obese category that trend didn't alter at the rate 0%.

As well as the male, the proportion of the weight in the female that is almost similar with trend of the male over the same stages. Women that had healthy weight had declined roughly 8% in 1998. But it balanced during 4 years later. Depending on what we were provided is the overweight proportion of the female is to have the most fixed, always at level nearly 505. The obese percentage decreased in a five - year period ( from 1993 to 1998 ) to almost reached 20%. And the last has no change at all, the dangerously obese proportion was obviously fixed. It resembled the male.

After all, the population rate increased, especially, the rate of obesity in both male and female that is more and more. We need encourage people to work and have healthy diet in other to decline that thing.
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Oct 7, 2023   #2
To depend on these graphs. We can see that.

You are not making any sense in this section. The sentences do not carry any thought references and you are not even proficient enough in the English language to see that you have made sentence structure errors that will result in failing scores for your TA, C+C and GRA scores. As such, your essay will already have failed the preliminary score, from which you cannot recover. There is no way that your overall presentation will receive a passing score after the preliminary deductions have been applied. Next time, please take the bother to proof read your presentation to avoid penalties that could have been avoided through editing and revising the content of the presentation.

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