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Diverse type of families living in poverty in Australia - Cambridge 4 Test 1 Writing Task 1

Kitty810 1 / 2  
May 25, 2020   #1

Statistics of low income families in Australia

The table provides information about diverse type of families living in poverty in Australia in 1999.

On the average, the proportion of people from all households types living in poverty was 11%, which represented there had total 1,837,000 people were poor. And the sole parent family type had the largest proportion, 21% (232,000) people of this family type were living in poverty. The household type of single people with no children had the second largest poverty proportion, which was 19% (350,000 people). The family type of couple with children also had a large proportion of the poverty, 12% (933,000 people) of this family type were living in poverty.

In contrast, the other three family types, including couple with no children, single aged person and aged couple, had the proportion which were less than 10%. The poverty percentage of the couple with no children was 7%, which show 211,000 people of this household type were lived in poor condition.The percentage of the poverty in single aged person family type was only less 1% than the percentage of the couple with no children, which was 6%(54,000 people).

The percentage of the poverty in aged couple family type was least, only had 4%(48,000) people were living in poverty.

Overall, the sole parent family type had the largest proportion of people living in poverty, while the aged couple had the least proportion.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,560 4442  
May 25, 2020   #2
Where is the image? You forgot to upload it. Student users cannot provide the image for you. I am afraid that I can only give you a grammar check for this presentation. I do not have a comparison point , the image, to base the validity of your report on. Please remember to upload the image next time. You can upload it by clicking the [+] image link in the black portion of the text box. The one with the stylized effects listing.

For the task 1 essay, you should only write between 175-190 words. You only have 20 minutes to complete this task. So, when you write 228 words, it is quite possible that you cut into your task 2 writing time of 40 minutes. Stick with the most basic reporting presentation to allow time for editing and final copy creation for your presentation.

Your summary overview is not complete. I am not sure what information you forgot to present but that part should have at least 3 sentences in it. Exclusive of the trending sentence.

I am confused about the presentation. Why do you have both a percentage and a numerical data presentation? Is that how it was presented in the image? You did not clearly explain why you are presenting two data types. There is a clear lack of developed explanations regarding the information provided.

I apologize for not being able to give you more corrections. I am unable to do so without the image to compare your written information to. Please remember to provide that next time. I assure you that you will get a more complete review of your work from me then.
Hardy_tom 3 / 6  
May 25, 2020   #3
Shouldn't use more than 160 words because in The exam you get only 20 minutes to write the task 1 . Try to attempt this task in less words. Little bit grammatical errors otherwise the whole task is good. Moreover, don't forget to upload picture with task. It would be difficult for examiner to check the task . Thanks all the best for future endeavours.

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