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divorce: Causes and effects on children

babyevy 3 / 27  
Jun 2, 2010   #1
This is an informal otline...I am just trying to organize my ideas, but I am not sure about it.

paragraph one ...introduction...NOT IDEAS???OR CAN THE CAUSES BE IN THE INTRODUCTION???

paragraph two...CAUSES:

paragraph three ...RESULT:

Maladaptive behavior
Low self esteem

Juvenile delinquency
- Teen pregnancy
- Unmarried couples living together

paragraph seven....CONCLUSION

What do you think???is it ok any suggestions??? help me please!!!!I have to write my essay for tomorrow.
Thanks for your time.
OP babyevy 3 / 27  
Jun 4, 2010   #2
"...Till death do us apart" This is not longer true. Nowadays the divorce rates are continually increasing all around the world. Statistics show that, In the United States, one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. This rate is so high due to several reasons that lead people to divorce and this result affects the children involved because they suffer the loss of a parent which may cause psychological and sociological problems.

Divorce is the consequence of many reasons, yet the most important are women's changing roles, infidelity, financial problems and immaturity. Women are becoming professional in modern times which can be good if you know to prioritize, but it can be a problem if you neglect your family. Infidelity is another reason. Spouses seek out comfort somewhere else if things are not working out in a marriage which results in infidelity and very few marriages recover from it. Financial problems can be another important reason. Statistics suggested that more than fifty percent of divorced couples cited money problems as the cause of their divorce. Finally, immaturity is also a cause of divorce. Most people have childish marriage expectations. They think that everything is going to be easy and that they will be always happy. So, if marriages become hard, it is easier for them to give up than to try their best

to solve their problems. All these issues are undoubtedly contributing to the rising divorce rate.

Divorce is causing many children to grow up in a single parent home. They have to suffer the lack of one of the role models they need; hence, they will receive less guidance an attention from their parents. Usually the adverse effects of growing up in a single parent home are felt in later childhood and adulthood.

Growing up in a single parent home may cause some psychological problems. Substantial research evidence shows that, on average, children who have experienced parental divorce score somewhat lower than children in first-marriage families on measures of emotional well being. That is, many children present maladaptive behavior, difficulties with peers, depression and low self-esteem following their parents' divorce.

Those psychological problems are usually the reason for some sociological problems
such as, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, unmarried couples living together, etc. Adolescence is a very difficult time and it can be even worse when adding divorce. Teenagers have less control, allowing them plenty of time to possibly hangout with the "bad influences" of the world. Furthermore, children, especially girls, feel the need to seek out the love and comfort that is missing at home. In many cases, this results in premature sexual activity which leads to teen pregnancy. There are more unmarried people living together; they do not want to get married because they are afraid of repeating their parent's story or they just think that marriage is no important.

To sum up, there are many causes and effects of this alarming rising divorce rate which mostly affect children since they are forced to be raised in a single parenthood and as a consequence they are affected in both psychological and sociological aspects. Therefore, before getting married you must be realistic because a successful marriage takes a lot of work and commitment of both parties, and if you are married think it twice before you get divorced due to the long lasting negative effects that it can have on your children.

This is the cause and effect essay that I presented.My teacher told me that I should have written only about effects or causes. So I have to re do it again.Hoever, I decided to post this one because I want some comments and feedback!!! I hope to receive some different opinions,thanks :)
Vakax 2 / 50  
Jun 5, 2010   #3
Ok, this looked like a page out of a rather nasty misogynists secret diary! The Assertion that marriages fail due to women is an extremely strong one that to back it up you need concrete evidence. Using words like teen pregnancy and pre-teen sex just makes me think that the only one who suffers from a bad case of juvenility here is...you!

I get what you were trying to say with your point of WOMEN here BUT how you wrote it completely missed the mark. Women have been so majorly oppressed over the years that now, when they have attained that EQUAL RIGHTS status, if a marriage fails, everyone readily blames a woman and her aspirations. Thats NO way to covert an audience! Theres this movie you should watch. Its in Urdu but you can watch it with subtitles: "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna"

"Till death do us part" was such a strong start that I was almost ready to be blown away the time I started reading it but it proved to be a complete dud by the end. This issue requires a more HUMANE angle. Monetary problems NEVER push one towards divorce! Thats baseless!(ok, maybe that holds true for someone who truely believes in "Money - root of all happiness") Quote your source and maybe then i'll buy it!!!

Immaturity is too strong a word. However, i do agree that this is a strong point to discuss. People have impractical expectations. Another factor that you can mention here can be willingness to adjust to changes.

Im short on time but i hope you get a gist of how you should proceed.You know, people often say marriages are martial! Why do you think they'd say such a thing? The answer is simple. To add happily ever after to ones martimony requires constant effort on the part of both parties. A man and woman represent the mind and body. Coordination is necessary for effective processing!!! Try to link that thought in your introduction or conclusion.Its open-ended. you can use to discuss whatever you want about divorces!

Best of luck.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jun 5, 2010   #4
Well, it's so hard to make an outline first and then write the essay based on the outline. It's like setting yourself up to do a scavenger hunt for specific pieces of information.

The better way is to explore. Explore databases and read articles, and see where they fit into the essay. Do it as though you are putting together a puzzle.

I see that the deadline passed, though! I bet you did a great job.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jun 5, 2010   #5
Oh, I'm sorry my previous post was not based on the essay, just the questions about the outline.

Hangout is a noun. Hang out (as 2 words) is correct:
...allowing them plenty of time to possibly hang out with the "bad influences" of the world.

There are more unmarried people living together; they do not want to get married because they are afraid of repeating their parents' story or they just think that marriage is not important.

This rate is so high due to several reasons that lead people to divorce and this result affects the children involved because they suffer the loss of a parent which may cause psychological and sociological problems. --- this does express your main idea quite well, but it is complicated. It is not your fault. This kind of essay is always complicated. I think you should add one more sentence to clarify:

This rate is so high due to several reasons that lead people to divorce, and this result affects the children involved because they suffer the loss of a parent. which may cause psychological and sociological problems. Thus, the factors that cause high rates of divorce ultimately lead to psychological and sociological problems among children.

OP babyevy 3 / 27  
Jun 6, 2010   #6
hi ticktock,

sorry!!I wasn't very especific because in my previous thread I explained what I had to do and why,
but I completely forgot that neew people will read this new thread...so, to anser your question, NO, this is not a formal essay. I am writing essays because I am taking a course of Academic Writing, the teacher said thet if we want we can invent some evidence. However, I did do some research about this topic before writing and the statistics and evidence are real!!! Honestly. I don't agree with you unmarried couples living together (why is this a problem?), maybe it is not a problem for you, but in my opinion it is and a serious one, maybe because I am a religion person, I am married and I firmly believe that marriage is the most amazing and sacred thing, but I also Understand that not everybody thinks the same...that is normal... ; )
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jun 7, 2010   #7
didn't do a great job, but at least I tryed my best, and I am happy for that.

Well, really, this is a difficult kind of essay to write. It is a complex type of essay.

About the outline, I know what you mean. I used to do the whole paper first and then make the outline based on it. Even if the teacher recommended big changes after I wrote the whole paper, it was easy to revise and make the necessary changes.
twhatcott - / 1  
Mar 30, 2014   #8
DIVORCE - Effects that divorce has on the social development of children

Please review and give feedback regarding the good and the areas of improvement. Thank you.
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Mar 30, 2014   #9
Well, for us to review and provide you with our feedbacks for you to improve your writing, we need to have a look at your work first :D

Do your first draft on your topic and post it to this thread. Then we would provide you with our comments as to which areas you need to improve. We do not write essays for others, but certainly help everybody with improving their work.
JonWilson329 - / 1  
Jun 15, 2014   #10
Divorce and A Child: The positive effects of divorce on a child.

My three areas of weakness is organization, vocabulary and transitions.
ah_zafari [Contributor] 40 / 672 148  
Jun 15, 2014   #11
How can we help you?
I think it's a good idea to post one of the essays you've recently written. Other people will comment on your work and show you how to organize your essay, what transitions are appropriate to be used, etc.

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