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Drivers have to pay a fee for driving in busy city streets when there is a great amount of traffic.

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Nov 3, 2014   #1
Hi all, please help me check my essay and give me some feedback, thank you.

With the rapid development of society, there are an increasing numbers of people who are concern about whether government should charge certain drivers for the using of heaving-traffic roads. Some people assert that this policy is unreasonable, while others have a positive attitude toward it. Despite many diversified opinions aired by diverse people basing on their own stances, there can be no doubt that this policy can bring us several advantages as below.

First of all, moderately charging drivers driving in busy streets can regular the traffic amount in the area and the people living there will enjoy better life quality. If government asked drivers to pay for using heavier-traffic roads, some drivers would start to find alternatives to avoid being charging. Parts of them may choose new routes to reach their destinations, while others would like to take public transportation instead of driving cars, such as buses, metros and trains. These convenient transportation not only can carry passengers swiftly to their goals, but also are environmental friendly because of less exhaust and noise pollution. As a result, both the problem of heavy traffic and living quality of neighbor area will be improved. The inhabitants living there would enjoy a quieter and securer living space.

Another reason worth mentioning is that the drivers can benefits from the money they been charged. When government receives the money from the drivers, it will be able to improve heavy traffic in various methods. For example, government can broaden original roads or build new ones, which will create higher capacity to contain more cars. It also can expand new subway or metro stations attracting more people to use transportation. With these public constructions, the chance of hitting traffic jams would be greatly decreased and the drivers can obtain comfortable driving experience. There is no gainsaying that this policy should be given more mature consideration by the government.

By and large, after taking all aspect into consideration, I hold that charging money from the drivers using heavy-traffic roads can efficiently regular local traffic and improve their driving experiences. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that our government should put more effort on this policy to make citizens' life more convenient.

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Nov 4, 2014   #2
There are some minor grammar problems. After can, we do not s.
Can benefit not can benefits.

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