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Ease your education with Internet

PinkyTune 5 / 12 2  
Nov 20, 2015   #1
I am gonna send this writing to a magazine. Please review it and correct any grammatical mistake.


Technology surrounds us. It affects almost all aspects of our daily lives, including education. Nowadays, there are two kinds of medium for education:

- Traditional paper books
- Internet

Internet is used for many different purposes. Getting information is the foremost type. Information that eases education. Internet can facilitate education with the facilities and the information or from the things it provides. That's it! Internet helps us by providing up-to-date information which immensely facilitates education at the twenty-first century.

Different educational websites:

Different educational websites are present on the Internet. They provide knowledge about many things. Some websites offer live chat with teachers. Some also offer answers to any question given.


Have you ever noticed a star or heart in the address bar?? Have you ever thought of clicking on that?? Then, do from now, because it is the bookmarking star/heart.

While going from site-to-site on the Internet, you can get lost! You can also easily forget the URL or name of any website. You may then find it difficult to go back to a site that you had liked. To avoid this difficulty, all web browsers give a special facility called the bookmark. Think of a bookmark as the bookmarks used to mark a page in a book. Bookmarks do not mark books but mark sites. When you add a site to bookmark, you can later on select the same from the bookmarks list. We can also make different bookmark folders and mark different sites into the folders that categorise them; they all show up in the bookmarks bar. Different web browsers give different names and symbols for bookmark.

To bookmark a site, we have to simply click on the bookmark symbol (it varies from one web browser to another).

They are extremely helpful when it comes to education because; we can mark different sites at different categories. For instance, you create a bookmark folder named Physics and when you find a site for learning physics you can easily mark the site in Physics folder. Then the next time, if you want to visit the site; you can simply click on the Physics folder and easily find it there. In this way, it can benefit your education.

A system that combines text, graphics, sound, animation and video to interact with users is known as multimedia. Multimedia refers to the use of multiple forms of communication media. In today's world, multimedia systems are used in almost every field, even education.

There are many websites around the World Wide Web using multimedia techniques on many topics. Websites using multimedia system teach lessons in an interesting way. Multimedia makes the lessons-be it maths, science, history or English language-come alive with animation, sound and video clips. It hold's the learner's interest as the lessons are interactive. Even those children who are not very good at studies also start to be fond of education and become good students. Thats why, I will say that multimedia-using websites are very much necessary at educational-sectors.

Cookies are messages that web servers pass to the web browser when we visit Internet sites. The browser stores each message in a small file, called cookie.txt. These files typically contain information of the most widely used web pages. Whenever, we write a letter on the address bar of the search engine; cookie data will find the list of most visited web pages and give a list of those web pages starting with that letter in advance. The cookies on children's computers might know more about what they like and do not like. They can easily access their desired website. It helps in education. Parents can ensure that their children are using appropriate websites by giving some particular website again and again so that they become cookies. Cookies certainly do not affect education in any way but; it does helps in easy accessibility to websites.

YouTube - Video Learning:
YouTube is a video-sharing website that can give access to videos of any topic. If YouTube can be used properly under the supervision of a teacher or parents, it can be an educational online platform for students. Even teachers, educators and parents can gain different knowledge from educational videos at YouTube. Interactive learning modules and videos at YouTube teach information in a fun, informative and visually alluring way.

E-books are digital text books. They can be downloaded from the Internet or just read online. It is in the form of pdf and can be read on the computer screen.

E-books hold an unimaginable potential for innovating education. Some research has shown that children communicate more while looking at e-books. In foreign countries, schools have started teaching kids by e-books.

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Nov 20, 2015   #2
Soha, these days, there are more numerous methods of education than just the internet and traditional books. Educational cable channels such as Discovery and National Geographic, even the History channel, are considered avenues of education and therefore, merit a mention in your list even if your concentration will be on internet based learning.

When it comes to the educational websites, Please remember that not all .com websites are considered academic or educational in nature because most of them are used for commercial websites masquerading as educational sites. Blogs and Wikipedia are also not considered any kind of academic resource at all by teachers, instructors and professors so all references to such things should be removed. The academically accepted, and therefore, educational websites that are commonly accepted end with .gov, .and edu.org .The .gov sites are government owned and credible by default, .org is usually owned by a foundation or some sort of institution and therefore, is considered academic in nature, while .edu are url's owned by schools, colleges, and universities, hence the academic acceptance of information from those websites.

The rest of the information that you provide is simple enough to understand and offers information in the fastest manner possible. So the way the essay is written will definitely hold the attention of the reader who also has a short attention span. So if you just clean up the few aspects first, we can work on polishing the essay after that :-)
qamar3811 1 / 8  
Nov 20, 2015   #3
hi pinky,
i read your essay. i am impressed. it is easy to read and grabs the readers attention. it conveys the message you want to impart. although i noticed that you have used ' can' a little too much. please replace it with some other word or avoid it if can.(here, i used it).

for instance
internet facilitates the education....
other than that it is a well written peace I may say.

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