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'English classes' - Favorite academic class

emanon 4 / 16  
Jan 20, 2012   #1
Prompt: Please tell us what academic class has been your favorite and why. (no more than 1500 characters)

English is endearing to me not merely as a foreign language course, but it is the magical shovel that scoops the invaluable treasure of English speaking world. In the class, I used to be led into the wonderland of poems, novels and lyrics. By discussing Charles Dickens, I could catch a glimpse of the chaos and pandemonium of the nineteenth century; The Beautiful and Damned calls up my memory of those vivid student life images; I could picture the dull yellow eye suddenly opening from the introduction of Frankenstein. These lights and shades, loves and hatreds, truth and falsehoods are conveyed with their most potent only in its original volumes. From the English literature classes, I know more about the past existences, my present life and the future visions.

Moreover, English classes also teach me a way to receive different cultures with an open mind. Last winter, while my partners and I planned to do a research on how New Yorkers see the Valentine's day, we turned out to have investigated a lot of people from places other than New York. But luckily they all speak English. While the Turkish man weighed kinship way over relationships, an Irish newly-wed gives love the credit of being an integral part of life, and a Spanish couple claimed that true love is not about a bunch of roses, a candle-lit dinner, not a sparkling ring, but it's all about heart, the only reason of all existence... Thanks to English classes I am able to communicate not only across time but also across space.

Athena - / 83 3  
Jan 20, 2012   #2
Hi :)

I just went through your essay. I feel that you could mention a little more about how English has helped you and what differentiates it from the other subjects that you learn at school. Also, you could cut down on the 'research' part.

Overall, I liked your essay =)
OP emanon 4 / 16  
Jan 20, 2012   #3
Hi Leanne,

Thanks you for your suggestions and corrections! The research part is aimed at addressing what English brings to me outside the classroom. That I have dwelled only on English is actually determined by the structure of the essay.

Thank you so much again.

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