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Environmental protection. Are the reason and solution in my essay sounds reasonable and logical?

An Laz 1 / -  
Oct 16, 2021   #1
Task 2
Many people have realized the importance of environmental protection. That being said, they hardly ever take action themselves.

What are the reasons?
What should be done to encourage individuals to take action on this issue?

A majority of people have been self-aware that the preservation of the environment is extremely essential. However, radical actions have yet been implied due to the misconception of everyone that the environmental conservation responsibility belongs to the local authority. Therefore, we should conduct propagandizing plans to change the point of the view of these residents that protecting the environment is the duty of everyone.

From the past until now, no matter what nation, the responsibility of the governments is to ensure the safety of the citizens as well as their living habitat. Thus, the citizens think that even if they have a strong awareness of environmental protection, only the authorities have the right to imply it. Even more, if they take action on their own without any permission from the government, they may be sentenced to intervening in the work of the government. Therefore, to avoid such unwanted accidents like above, the residents would prefer to do nothing rather than contributing to the environmental conversation.

Based on the recent misconception of the citizens, numerous propagandizing schemes should be applied to modify again their perspective that protecting the environment is the obligation of all. To be more specific, one of the factors that need to be prioritized in this change is the young generation as they are the ones who decide the later future of the country. Education departments should promote schools to teach the student that the environment-protecting duty belongs to everyone. Moreover, these adolescents should be reminded that any radical action to preserve the environment would always be fully supported with all the resources by the local authority. Then we will change the target to the adults. By propagandizing the importance of environmental protection through multi-platform such as the internet, TV, and newspaper, everyone will soon take the first step in this revolution.

In conclusion, it is understandable that people have yet done anything to preserve the environment as they don't understand their role in this protecting work. However, I firmly believe that with effective propagandizing plans, everyone will take action as soon as possible after they truly understand their role.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,669 4754  
Oct 17, 2021   #2
The prompt restatement + question response paragraph is excellently done in this presentation. It is highly creative and shows a strong control over sentence development, clear thought development, even as the vocabulary is a bit exaggerated and used out of meaning. The examiner will score the effort in word usage though. It would be better to use simpler word references next time though. just to avoid exaggerations that tend to alter the presentation focus.

like above

There is no need to reference a sentence position wwhen it is still located in the same paragraph. This is an unnecessary discussion reference.

propagandizing schemes

Try the term "agressive government programs" next time. It will be easier understood by the reader.

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