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In this era, while choosing the job, money has inevitably been the most essential component

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Jun 16, 2022   #1

When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration

In this era, money has inevitably been the most essential component. One's life depends on the ultimate job he/she is choosing and while choosing the job there are certain factors to look out for including: salary, interest, environment and passion. Yet, the abrupt inflation has ultimately engender the fondness of income rather than love for passion.

To begin with, environment should be a top notch priority to every individual while choosing a job. As a matter of fact, surrounding truly influence one's personality, mindset, future and behavior. The ambiance of the workplace, the colleagues, and a good team is also notably significant because it is easy for an individual to work in a safe place. To illustrate, spending hours at a place which impacts your mindset negatively through unnecessary pressure directly results in pessimistic behavior eventually leading onto negative thoughts. Likewise, it invokes a sense of animosity amongst different aspect of life with all means and measures. Hence, running behind the income only is the most absurd act.

Secondly, the dispute about choosing job revolves around either focusing on money or passion. Mostly people concurs that passion should be the salient consideration while choosing a job because it embraces the hidden talents and interests. Moreover, following passion will never make one regret about his/her decision since it might develop myriad of positive outcomes; for instance, it gives exposure to different situation, new innovative ideas are born, one can explore one's interest, the more you are into your passion the more efforts you would love to put in, which consequently will cause in optimistic results.

As a matter of fact, today's generation venerates the amount of payment, yet all things considered the money is indeed necessary but not the most important thing. Personal satisfaction and convenience about the job is also important. To cite an example, if a person who is a doctor with a handsome salary but he is restricted to explore his skill will never be able to enjoy his job and work on his experience which will eventually engenders the dissatisfaction. Therefore, personal satisfaction is also necessary. Additionally, the career prospect and the company's name is also a notable feature. Working in the area consisting of no future advantage might be completely useless compared with working in a company which have a value in the future fields.

To sum up, while considering a job one's passion, personal satisfaction and ambiance outweighs money because passion embraces an individual's talent and interest, personal satisfaction make a person more eager to work in an environment and last but not least ambiance makes one comfortable and enthusiastic to work with good colleagues.
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Jun 17, 2022   #2
This essay has several problems that will lead to a failing score. The first of which is the over discussion by 140 words. The task 2 essay should never be more than 300 words long. Long essays make too many writing errors noticeable in the presentation. Which is why moderate length essays work better. There is a lesser chance of too many heavy scoring deductions.

Let us focus on the second reason this is a failing essay. The prompt restatement + writer's opinion paragraph. It is completely missing from the presentation. Yes,a topic was discussed in the presentation but, it is not on topic. Yes, an opinion was presented but it was not provided in the correct or expected discussion format. The with wasted his time and effort with this writing. It does not meet the needed scoring requirements.

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