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How do we eradicate illiteracy in Ghanaian society

yaww phanye 1 / -  
Apr 10, 2017   #1

education in ghana is necessary

illiteracy is said to be the main factor that hinders growth and development in Ghana. According to the Ghana statistical service about 55% of the total population constitute the illiteracy rate. with children forming about 32% of the total rate. The advancement of the Western World can be attributed to the intense nature of their education policies and programs. Ghana can similarly develop when taken education seriously. The following can be observed to eradicate the canker of illiteracy in Ghana.

Firstly, free compulsory basic education will help solve the issue of illiteracy in Ghana. Governments of Ghana must make it their policy to send every child between the school going age to school for the acquisition of knowledge and improve skills for national growth and development. This can be achieve when entrenched in the constitution as a responsibility and duty rather than a right. Accordingly. sanctions shall be meted out to parents who violates this rule.

Secondly, the establishment of community libraries to promote reading among school children. A well furnished and stocked community libraries would encourage and promote reading among the students. Students often relax and pays no attention to academic work or exercises at home due to the unavailability of educational facilities such as books and a conducive environment for reading and studying. The existence of these libraries will enhance the students academic performance.

Lastly, motivation and encouragement will contribute immensely to the eradication of illiteracy in Ghana. Education has no age limit. As such, the matured individuals who are uneducated must be encourage to get themselves enrolled in adult education programs here in Ghana. Allowances and other incentives can be given to them to encourage them to get enlightened.

When all these are keenly observed and practiced, the economic, social, political, and cultural growth of Ghana shall be inevitable.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,031 2721  
Apr 10, 2017   #2
Daniel, the topic of your essay is the eradication of illiteracy in Ghana. The premise of the essay is sound. There is a problem though, when it comes to your presentation of your problem statement or thesis. In order to interest the reader in the topic you are about to discuss, you must first, present the background of illiteracy in your country, the results of this illiteracy, and why this is a problem that needs to be eradicated. Create a totally new thesis statement to place above the current opening paragraph. All of that information should never be located in the opening statement. That information, is always best used to support the thesis statement in the second paragraph.

The supporting paragraphs in the body of the essay are well thought out and presented. It creates a clear idea as to how the problem can be solved. However, it does not consider the other factors in the discussion such as the need to change the constitution, punishing those who violate the rules, and so on and so forth. When you write this sort of essay, you must also work on addressing the possible problems that your suggestions will create and explain how your proposed solution will be able to counter the problems it creates.

Now, as for the concluding statement. Do me a favor and take the stand alone sentence up to the existing paragraph. You cannot have a single sentence for a concluding statement. If you don't want to add it to previous paragraph, then effectively conclude the essay by wrapping up the discussion. Restate the problem, summarize your solutions, then close the essay. 3 well developed sentences should suffice.

Before I forget, double check your grammar and sentence structure in the early part of the essay. You have a few misplaced words at the start of sentences. Misplaced because you wrote it in lower case letters when it should have been written with the first word capitalized. Remember, a continuation of a sentence uses lower case letters but the first letter of the first word in the given sentence must always be capitalized. That is a basic grammar rule that most essay writers seem to regularly forget.

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