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Euthanasia: for or against? Is it a solution for those terminally ill?

nawnas86 1 / 2  
Apr 16, 2012   #1
Hi , I'm new member in this forum, I hope you can help me by reading my writing about Euthanasia and give me some feedback that i can use to improve my skills. thanks !

Euthanasia is an assisted suicide, also known as mercy killing. In other words, it is the act of killing someone who has a painful incurable disease. Actually, euthanasia is a very controversial issue. Some people claim that it is a solution for patients who are terminally ill. However, I totally disagree with this kind of solution.

My main argument is that euthanasia is illegal in most of countries. If doctors or relatives do it, they will go to jail. The grey area surrounding this issue is a very important reason to make euthanasia illegal, what we want to say by that is, some people with bad intention can use euthanasia to kill someone to have his heritage and legacy. Therefore, euthanasia is illegal in many different countries and it is not always the best solution.

My next argument is that euthanasia whatever the patient's case; it is a kind of killing. And from my point of view it is a sin and of course not allowed in many religions. As long as patient is still alive, it is the responsibility of his or her loved ones to do their best to keep the patient alive. If there are no loved ones, so it is the government responsibility. We can't decide to end somebody's life just to finish what he or she suffering from. Because not up to us. People related to the patient have to try everything possible to save his or her life, and reduce the pain. To sum it up, from my point of view euthanasia is immoral and against the human relationships.

However others would argue that, humans have right to live or die. If doctors can't cure patient's disease, they must have choice to die peacefully. They also argue that, terminally ill patients suffer a lot, so we must help them to reduce their suffering. I totally understand their point of view, but I disagree with them. Human knowledge is improving every day. For example, some terminal illnesses in the past are curable today. It's because every day scientists invent new medicines to cure what was considered as an incurable diseases. Another reason is that God is the only one that can decide who must live and who must die. We can hear in the news that some terminally ill patients recover and nobody knows why. The only reason is power of God. He gives the patient another chance to live, so you must believe in miracle. In short, new discovery and miracle are two reasons that I'm against euthanasia.

To make a long story short, we know that everything in this world has its own good and bad points. However, I will still make a stand that I'm against euthanasia regardless the reason that others may use to support it.

sara alawieh 2 / 11  
Apr 17, 2012   #2
Your essay is outstanding but you can also mention that :
A person's life or death is related to GOD's will so if any one is dead, it's said that god had ended his life, but no one ever knows when a person will die , that's why we can't just kill them because he might wake up at any minute. As long as he's alive, it's up to GOD to end his life not US.!

u can also mention some realistic examples to strengthen your point of view like:
Sidney Cotten...he was in a coma and every one thought he was going to die, but they didn't accept applying euthanasia and eventually he woke up and he lived again, so if euthanasia was applied, they'd have ended the life of this man too soon.!
OP nawnas86 1 / 2  
Apr 17, 2012   #3
Thank you Sara :-)

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