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Explain a social issue with solution, tell what you need to learn to contribute towards its solution

Darshankumar 2 / -  
Dec 17, 2016   #1
What impact do you want to make in the world? Select a problem or social issue and explain why it is important to you. What do you need to learn to contribute toward its solution?

Almost half the world- over 3 billion people- live on less than $2.50 a day. Great economy of a country doesn't mean much if a significant percentage of its population struggles to survive. It is not that only people of the countries having poor economies are struck by poverty but poverty expands to the whole world. No country in this world is such in which no citizen of the country struggles to survive.

India has a good economy but 75% of its wealth is distributed amongst 25% of the people, rest all the people enjoy only a mere share of good Indian Economy. In India, some people work day in and day out to ensure two good meals for the family and fair education for their children. It often happens that only one child in two gets education because the parents are not capable of ensuring the education to both the kids. I live in India so I know about India well but integrating the things I am sure that whole world faces the same problem.

The impact that I want to make on the world making them realise the value of the past and the literature and culture by proving that philosophies from ancient culture can solve even the biggest problems of the world like poverty.

Poverty is such a long standing, deeply rooted problem that it is hard to believe that could be a relatively straight forward way to address it. Still i have an idea on how to exterminate poverty.

We are human beings and humanity lies within all of us. However, all the people in this world today are so busy that they don't even bother who works beside them. Making people aware about their moral responsibility is the only way of eradicating poverty in a longer run.

Indian mythology explains a concept of 'Ramrajya' or the state of Rama; the lord worshipped in India. Ramrajya was a perfect world with no unhappy person for Rama's society was one which stood on simple but rigid pillars of rules. there was no poverty in 'Ramrajya' for the reason that every rich and novel person was responsible for supporting at least two seemingly less rich families by sacrificing their one day of the week for aiding them plausibly and also not letting them to become fully dependent. There was always a transition in the status of families. There was always a time when the less rich families were richer and the supporting family needed support.

Now this is main reason why poverty never flourished in 'Ramrajya'. In today's society, if a family becomes rich, it forgets that it had ones been poor and stops feeling the pain instead keeps enjoying the wealth. There should always be a balance of things. The people of Ramrajya never stopped feeling the pains of poor people and so when they were rich, they cared for those who had cared for them.

If this world concedes the philosophy of 'Ramrajya', we will surely relinquish and abdicate poverty.
People at least can sacrifice, if not a day the particular hour for helping the people who struggle to survive. Also it would add to the cause if one who helps a person asks the other nothing but to help three more people whenever in need, the situation will turn. It will take years to have significant effect but continuous awareness and motivation by the Governments of all the countries will catalyse the process which will start in order to eradicate poverty.

I have ideas and I have theories but what I still need to learn is the way of fabricating them. I need to learn how effective and continuous awareness and motivation towards elimination of poverty can float in every street, every colony, every city, and every state of the World. I still need to learn the way to initiate this long running chain process to kill poverty.

One of the ways I know is writing. Although it will initiate the process in even less speed, I will be able to contribute to the cause of eliminating poverty. Moreover, I extremely desire to learn all that I need to fabricate what i have thought. I aim at removing poverty from the World at any cost.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,974 4811  
Dec 17, 2016   #2
Darshan, don't focus on the unsolvable by taking on a world wide notion of eradicating poverty. Since you will be a foreign student in the USA, what you need to do is focus more on a problem in India that you will work towards solving by receiving your education abroad. Now, this foreign university based education should be able to help you learn some pretty specific information that can help you contribute to a solution once you return to your home country.

Since Lehigh is considered to be one of the best Economics schools in the country, focus on the economics of India and what classes at Lehigh can help you learn about how to solve the problem. Look into the course curriculum for this one. Talk about the classes you hope to take that can help you develop a program that can help to at least ease the burden of a poor economy in the country. Think about other methods by which the problem can be solved in your country based upon the classes that you will be taking or the work of the professors that will be teaching these classes. No, writing about it will not be enough. You need to develop a real probable solution to the problem.

The reason that you need to develop a concrete problem and solution to it is that your possible solution, if implemented, will help you leave a long lasting impact, not only on India, but on the world in general. What can be considered a small platform for the launch of solutions to the local problem of economics could, in the future, explode into a world-wide applicable solution with some modifications. So start your thinking with a small problem, but then expand it to a probable world wide application as the method of you leaving your mark on the world.

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