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'Everyone considers that the perfect job is..' - essay

Laila055055 1 / 1  
Apr 6, 2012   #1
Have you ever had a perfect job? Everyone considers that the job is very significant things in life. Many people may claim that there is only one type of job. However, this could not be further from the truth. In my opinion jobs may be divided into three groups of types which are higher income, convenience and interested jobs.

Initially, Nowadays with the evolution of life everybody is looking for work with a high salary. However,a high-paying job has many advantages and disadvantages thing. Most of job which has a good salary takes long time work that you would give it to you family and friend. In addition, We can see only a small number of people who have this type of work stable in their lives. For example, My uncle Ali he is a surgeon and his job needs to spend a lot of time to stay and travel a lot to accumulate experience. On the other hand, a high-paying job has many advantages which are build a bright future to our children and have a dream house which is one of most significant thing we should all have it.

Or, Initially,there are two kinds of high salary job which are a high-paying job with short hours and a high-paying job with long hours. Most people who have this types of job spent a lot time in there job and they work within hard work such as doctor. The doctor need to work had and sometime stay one day without sleeping .Aso, doctor do not have any time to spend with her or his family and friend. One the other hand, high salary with short houre is very uniqe and you can not find it easaly

In the second place, convenience job includes a good salary, people, and located .unlike a high-paying job, a convenience job takes a short hours with a good income. Also, work place is an important place for every worker. This is because daily most of the time people spend at their work place. During work people come in contact with their co-workers. Moreover, Each and every person has some qualities and some of us can not contact with others. For example, When you work

Interesting job is very important because when you do somethings you like it , you will be more creative and get the a ability

pleas help me to complet this essay and correct it.

y0_3mma 19 / 28 6  
Apr 8, 2012   #2
first of all, your grammar is really poor. i would use this structure:

1st paragraph: nowadays a lot of people think that money is the most importat thing when looking for a job and others think that there are other things

2nd paragraph: talk about the need for money, what happens when people work just for money (they don't like their job, they're bored, no satisfaction, everything seems to be dull, etc.)

3rd paragraph: talk about other needs, co-workers, time spend, the environment, people's pleasure and satisfaction when they do what they like
4th paragraph: repeat what you said, there are people who can sacrifice their happiness for money and there are those who work just because they enjoy it and put heart in it.

this is just my opinion, i hope i helped you.
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Apr 8, 2012   #3
Hi Tank you for helping a lot
Could you give me you email please?
On 21/4 i have a IELTS test pleas pleas help me
I want to be you friend .Also, I need some help with my essay because next month i have TOEFL test

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