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Fan Bing Bing have to pay huge taxes and fines

giangkodo 1 / -  
Jul 7, 2019   #1

a note about famous chinese actor

Chinese officials have ordered to Fan to pay taxes and fines about 900 yuan. The move ends the mystery disappear over 2 months ago
Fan Bing Bing is the most famous actor in China. In 2006, Forbes listed her as one of the actors paid the highest money.
An investigation reported Fan evasion taxes. They won't investigate Fan as the crime as long as she pays taxes, fines and late fees.
it is a common custom in show business in China by making a private contract showing high pay and a public contract showing much lower pay. The investigation as a warm to all show business in China

She apologized on media on weibo that she wasn't unworthy of the trust of the society and let down her fan who loves her. The post is her first update on June, 2.

she was starred in several series and move in china. Before her disappearance, she was to appear in many films cooperate with foreign actors as X-Men or Iron Men. She has a part in the upcoming films of a Hollywood director called 355.

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Jul 10, 2019   #2
Hi there. Welcome to the forum. I'll provide you with feedback on your writing.

First and foremost, be cautious of the logical coherence of your writing. Notice how some portions do not have quite a structured approach to relaying meaning, making it even more difficult to comprehend the text that you have. For instance, in the first paragraph, what do you mean by "the move ends the mystery"? Being more specific and straight to the point will help you establish clearer definition to help you curate more thoughts.

Furthermore, the approach to the structure of the composition can be improved as well. The last portions of the text may be omitted and instead be allocated to the first part of the text to create more substance.

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