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IElTS: 'fast food as an alternative'; the average weight of people is increasing

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Oct 25, 2012   #1
Hi everybody, here is my second essay over here wish you guys help me in elevating my writing level and reaching a good score
here is the debate topic
in some countries the average weight of people is increasing.
What do you think the causes and measures for this problem ?

With the huge development of our daily life and the vast progression in the technological tools and devices, In some nations such as the United states of America, the normal value of human being weight is apparently grown in a fearful way. Without any doubt, the modern lifestyle of society, such as the full-time jobs, available transportation modes and the junk food have been greatly participating in boosting the obesity rates of humanity.

admittedly, the new fast food preparations have been considering as an alternative for the healthy food and traditional ways of nutrition.Obviously, in the last couple of decades, the majority of people have been beginning to consume the junk food,for instance humberger, pizza and desserts rather than the natural food in a way that make them facing a variety of diseases such as cardiovascular problems and obesity. However,the minority of nations like japan still has faith in the useful tips of right nutrition to keep their health in a safe side.Hopefully, the solutions to obesity and its dangers should be declared by government authorities by spreading awareness among people and providing a different health programmes and instructions.

Secondly, the evolution in technology have been participating in rising the obesity rates in society. the people's rising reliance on new technological tools in accomplishing the multiple daily tasks in their houses and jobs cause a grand negative impact on their weights. Furthermore, the availability of cars and a lot of transportation ways have been helping people to commute the work places without any hard exercises like walking or using bicycles.

In conclusion, government authorities should take a clear and serious steps to show the dangers of excessive overweight means and how fatal the life is going on.Schools and colleges also should put materials and plans which are essential and beneficial for community health.

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