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Feature article, Casino in Singapore - response to a government's decision

learningtowrite 32 / 50  
Mar 9, 2008   #1
Hi, I'm supposed to write a feature article in response to a government's decision, and I have no idea what to do so I just try to write something first :D Can you help me look through? Btw, please tell me if my conclusion is not clear. Thanks in advance!

OPENING A CASINO IN SINGAPORE: beneficial or counter-productive?

Discrepant opinions from the public have raised up many issues regarding our government's announcement to license a casino.

The government has received good responses from many citizens. Mr. Mark Low, a recent retiree said: "I am very happy with the government's decision. A casino in Singapore will be a great entertainment attraction for both tourists and people with lots of free time like us. I believe that it will help Singapore raise its revenue too."

Mr. Eugene Wee (25), an executive with high salary shows approval for the government's decision. "I have always been embarrassed to say no to my foreign clients' request to go to a casino for entertainment. The decision to open a casino in Singapore is wise- foreign businessmen may find Singapore more attractive and thus encouraging the economic growth of our nation."

The Chairman of Singapore Tourism Board, Mr. Vincent Pereira feels that opening a casino in Singapore is the wise move of the government. "Our tourism has been lagging behind other neighbouring countries. As a small country with no spectacular natural scenic views, tourists are attracted to us because of our infrastructure and facility. With the development of the Integrated Resorts and the casino within it, we can attend to different types of tourists, from families in need of a relaxing vacation to high-class businessmen on their way to conventions. Singapore tourism will strive with this decision of the government."

Mr. Pereira reassures us that the government will come up with a counselling plan for Singapore citizens. There will be age restriction and entrance fees of the casino for Singapore citizens only, so that our people will not be deeply addicted to gambling.

However, we have learnt from Melbourne experience in the past that even with the government's counselling programs and TV ads, the number of gambling addicts will not be reduced. After the government's announcement, Miss Siti Abdulla, a social worker with the Singapore Family Centre showed her concern about the negative impacts that the casino may bring to our society. "Hundreds of husbands have taken away the last dime in his family to satisfy their gambling addiction; hundreds of families have been broken apart. With the presence of the casino, the number will be multiplied by thousands."

On the same page with Miss Siti Abdulla, Mrs. Mabel Chia, a housewife with two young children, thinks that opening a casino will create a lot of undesirable consequences for families. "I feel very uneasy with the decision of the government." said Mrs. Chia. "Who knows if my husband may take away our savings for our children's education to gamble? Moreover, I believe that no mother would like her children to grow up thinking that gambling is the ladder to wealth."

Miss Siti Abdulla and Mrs. Mabel Chia are not the only ones opposing the opening of the casino. In fact, many people have been worried for the long-term social development of Singapore. Recently, we saw a tragic story of a gambling addict who drowned himself after killing his family members to take money to go to a casino in Genting (Malaysia). If we have a casino in Singapore, how many stories like that will appear on our newspaper everyday?
EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Mar 10, 2008   #2

I think your article is very good! Here are some editing tips:

Mr. Eugene Wee (25), an executive with a high salary, approves of the government's decision. "

foreign businessmen may find Singapore more attractive, thus encouraging the economic growth of our nation."

opening a casino in Singapore is a wise move by the government.

tourists are attracted to us because of our infrastructure and facilities

Singapore tourism will thrive with this decision by the government."

"Hundreds of husbands have spent their family's last dime

I think you may have gone a little off-course with the conclusion. You end it like an editorial opinion, but if it is supposed to be a feature article, you want to adopt a more detached viewpoint. Instead of an ending that criticizes the casino, it would be better to summarize the pros and cons.

I hope this helps!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
OP learningtowrite 32 / 50  
Mar 10, 2008   #3
So you mean, in a feature article we are not supposed to give our opinion, but only to sum up the points? I am not very sure about this though. This assignment is almost driving me crazy. If that be the case, what I can do is just to say like there are both pros and cons, but if the government decides to go on with the plan, other support systems like counselling and check&balance must be in place to help the society or sth like that. Uhm, is that what you mean? :)
EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Mar 10, 2008   #4

Yes, I think that would be a good approach. I don't mean to say that a feature article never has a particular slant; it can. However, the last two sentences of your article expressed a stronger opinion than a feature article normally does. I think if you do it as you outlined above, it will have the right balance.

Keep up the good work!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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