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Sep 14, 2021   #1

financial crime

With the strongly development of the Internet, identify theft has been increasing in many countries. There are 2 reasons and 3 solutions given below.
The fundamental reason is that there is a big amount of money which earning from a grant source of information on the Internet as nowadays. People all over the world, currently access to technology more and probably provide individual information on the Internet, especially on the social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twwitter. With them, people can connect, communicate with everyone and easily find useful documents on platforms, therefore, the bulk of users are leaving a big database of customers which the theft are attacking to have it. Moreover, there are many need for buying identify of customers to seek people who company want to approach so as to maybe advertise and sell their goods.

However, it is illegal to steal identity. It has some negative effects on the victims involved. Customer do not want to be intruded into private life. One of the solution given is to raise awareness of citizen to take precautions of provide individual information with stranger. People should carefully consider to join in a group, platforms or websides in the Internet. If have any doubt, contact with the neareast local police. Furthermore, the government should issue stricter rule to prevent theft from financial crime. Law on cyber security should be published to ensure social order and safety in cyberspace; and the responsibilities of agencies, organizations and individuals involved

In conclusion, financial crime should be extruded to protect civilians from dangerous attacking
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Sep 15, 2021   #2
While the essay meets the word requirement, it does not meet the paragraph / response format scoring expectations. This is a 4 paragraph essay presentation of 3 - 5 sentences each. The restatement should be composed of 3 sentences or 2 full written lines composed of:

- topic restatement
- Cause or reason for identity theft
- Effect of identity theft

The above TA expectations are missing from the first paragraph.

The writer is focused on identity theft in relation to technology. However, there are other, simpler forms of identity theft which were not mentioned in the orginal prompt. Therefore, a general discussion focus is more advisable as a discussion approach. The outcome of the causes would therefore, be more properly developed in the discussion. The effect would be the same, regardless of the causes.