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Foundation school - Learning a foreign language early vs a children capability

Diqon 10 / 33 12  
Sep 20, 2015   #1
I am trying again to learn in developing sentence. needs some suggestions.

Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.
Do advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Learning a foreign language as a basic skill of children to understand well is important part particularly expert in English. While some views say it brings advantages of children's knowledge, others argue it also can carry up several weaknesses in individual learning of young men in class. This essay will inform some results when children are taking an English lesson and the reasons why it should be given of secondary level at schools.

It is argued that knowing a foreign language alike English exercise in foundation class at school might bring a number of benefits for young learner. Admitted, English as an international subject which should be known everyone will be beneficial road opening knowledge spread in the international network as the language which is used in world news. Take an example, when children play such as online on the internet game facilitated a large number of English words, sometimes children as a player should be understandably the options menu prior to fighting a game. Moreover, a child is an active person quite curiosity searching a Television program provided overseas language likely CNN and U-see TV in my country Indonesia. So, teacher at school should teach them a basic English even though those are a numbering and a letter of English words.

On the other hand, a foreign language is crucial if children study at early age, but it brings some disadvantages too. In Indonesia, schools have a wide range of subjects, not only a foreign language but other subjects also such as Biology and Math this is a few example of subjects. I guess that experts in class must not transfer a foreign language in first level at school because children get puzzled and not to focus one subject. Furthermore, English is not easy chapter to be studied by beginner pupils because they have to be an expert of writing and reading, besides speaking and memorizing a few vocabularies. So, secondary school may be a best place to acquire foreign language skills for children.

In summary, children who learning a foreign language of elementary school can get merits if they are given a suitable method. It is unfair to blame better secondary school learning than foundation school. My view, studying a foreign language at primary or secondary school must be determined much as children's capability.

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 20, 2015   #2
Hi Diqon, let me try to help you out here. I will be reviewing your essay paragraph by paragraph and offering corrections and advice regarding grammar rules. I hope I can help you somehow.

some results when children are taking an English lesson and the reasons why it should be given of secondary level at schools.

- Learning a foreign language, specifically English, is a basic skill that all children need to develop... This essay will discuss some results regarding children who take English lessons... reasons why it should be given in secondary...

- ... for young learners English is an international language that everyone should know because it helps to increase the international knowledge of people since it is the predominant language in the world. Which is why it is used in world news programs such as CNN.

- You need to become more coherent in your thought process. Don't try to discuss 3 sentence topics in one paragraph. Give each thought or reason its own paragraph and do not rush in writing it. Read what you wrote and if what you said does not make sense to you, please, please revise what you wrote before you opt to submit it. I have shown you an example of a well thought out and developed sentence / paragraph above. Use it as a template.

- In Indonesia, students in primary school need to learn a wide range of subjects alongside a foreign language. This makes it quite difficult for the child to learn the foreign language because the classes are most often taught in the Bahasa language. By moving the foreign language classes to secondary school, the students will be more mature and receptive to the new language lesson which could result in their easily learning the language.

Diqon, I am not going to edit the conclusion that you wrote because once again, you deviated from the essay prompt in your conclusion. All you have to discuss is your opinion as to whether the advantages of learning the English language in primary school would be better than secondary school. You successfully discussed those points, in a disjointed manner, but still, the essence of your discussion was there, so all you have to do in the conclusion is drive the point home. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Yes or no? Please revise the conclusion to reflect that.

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