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In the future, the main reason for going to the mall will be for entertainment, not to shop.

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Oct 30, 2021   #1

the future of shopping in a mall

Currently, with the development of technology, numerous people tend to go shopping online. Some people believe in the future the main reason to go to the shopping mall will be for entertainment, not shopping. However, my view is chosen both the sides that you can both entertaining and shopping.

There are many disadvantages to shopping online. Sometimes you have to wait for delivery for some days and maybe the products are not what you see on the websites. I sometimes returned clothes and other items because the size or color is wrong for me. Many shops at malls supply a wide variety of products from many regions all over Vietnam such as books, electronics, cosmetics, or clothes fashion and you can take them at home without having to wait for some days. In addition, sometimes they might get a special offer and discount and free delivery on holidays like Black Friday.

On the other hand, the shopping centers are an interesting place to with their family and friends. After a busy day, they go to malls, which is good place to strengthen relationships with their family. For instance, people watch 3d cinema, eat at the restaurant, or have appointments at the cafe shop.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that it will become an amazing place for amusement and shopping in the future. However, shopping is the main reason that they want to go shopping malls and it is irreversible.
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Oct 31, 2021   #2
my view is chosen both the sides

This is an automatic task failing scoll. The discussion should focus on only one side. Either agree or disagree. You cannot pick both sides because this is a single opinion essay. You clearly did not understand the instructions and the examiner will realize this and arand a failing task score regardless of the discussion presentation. You need to review the response styles depending on the provided discussion instruction.


This is not an advantage V. disadvantage essay. It is an agree or disagree approach.This is additional proof that you do not understand the task requirement.

The discussion presentation is all over the place. It is so scattered in focus that the examiner will be confused by the presentation. It does not approach the discussion from the assigned format angle.

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