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Main Reason for Studying Based on Age

Reza_Hidayat 13 / 18 1  
Apr 2, 2017   #1

study reasons in various age

The bar charts exhibit information about what the main reason people study and how many supporting they receive by employeer based their age. Overall, both youngest people and oldest people have inversely proportion of reason for studying, and the more people get older the less support they obtain for studying.

The first chart shows that there is a contradictory trend between the youngest people and the oldest people. Career is the key factor why youngest people are studying. It could be seen that the youngest people has 80% of reason for career, and it is decreasing as they get older. Meanwhile, the oldest people is more likely to choose interest as their reason for studying. It is seen that the oldest people have 70% of reason for interest. Interestingly, both the youngest and the oldest group have an equal percentage of 40% when they occupy 40-49 age.

The second chart illustrtates that the youngest people receive more support by employer than the oldest people for studying. The youngest people get more than 60% of time off and fess for studying but it will be declining until they enter 30-39 age. In this period, they hit a low at under 40% but they will be raising again in the next age. Overall, a gap between the youngest age and the oldest age is by 20% of support.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,636 2524  
Apr 3, 2017   #2
Andi, how many times have I told you that one of the most important considerations in this summary essay writing is the data itself that is presented in the original charts? Every age group, every percentage point, every piece of information given in the chart must be reflected in words, not assumptions as you are so prone to do. If the figures show actual ages, then say the actual age group, do not say "as they progress in age" because that is not what is in the chart. This leads to an uninformed essay being written because you always choose to not use the actual figures and information in your essay. The reader will not come away are duly informed after reading your paper because you fill their head with figures and assumptions instead of facts and figures. The latter being the expected information in a summary essay. Due to the problems that were created by the lack of accurate use of information from the charts, your essay needs to be scored down. That is, even though you wrote a pretty good essay in terms of grammar. So the final score for this essay, in my opinion, cannot be any higher than a 4.

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