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Gender differences; some occupations are particularly appropriate for men, others for women

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Oct 30, 2016   #1
Topic:Some people think that man and woman have different qualities and so some jobs are suitable for men and some jobs are suitable for women.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Nowadays , there is ample evidence indicating obvious discrepancy between genders . While some occupations allegedly are appropriate with men or women thanks to their respective personality and genetic inheritance ,personally , I am partly in accord with the aforementioned conception and will attempt to investigate several main reasons .

Foremost , the prominent culprit catalyzes this perspective , as outlined previously , could be disparity in gender's faculty and innate trait . Under banner of female's position , they would significantly encounter numerous obstacles in accomplishing harsh tasks perfectly in some arduous fields , which potentially turns result in work attrition. Majority of citizens believe that household activities are appropriate with these people due to their inborn personality. In contrast , these situations,hence, would be main force of hindrance to male workers , who get used to being a breadwinners , fortifying budget and fostering family's prosperity . For instance , most of well-known companies's CEO are men due to the fact that this position requires stamina and decisiveness possession.

However , the youth generations are given incentives to display their pursuits and respective thoughts to follow their dreaming occupations.Under several circumstances , the converse directions could be true with some special individuals.To exemplify , the German prime minister have outperformed , generated beneficial policies and brought many pragmatic value toward German inhabitants exponentially despite her gender.From my perspective , the innate talent, regardless of sex matters , could be regarded as precursor to enhance their prospective success possibilities.

To sum up , to get pertinent works with their genders could be beneficial . However , citizens , especially adolescent inhabitants should be educated to pursue their dreams .

Home / Writing Feedback / Gender differences; some occupations are particularly appropriate for men, others for women
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