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How should girls and boys study? Should they attend separate schools?

gangadhar 3 / 3  
Jun 12, 2013   #1
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Boys and girls should attend separate schools. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Kindly rate my essay as my exam is on 30 June.
Waiting for reviews.

Boys and girls are the most important part of our society in which they are living. These people are the parents of their generation. Some people agree that boys and girls should attend seperate schools while others would disagree. In my view boys and girls should not attend seperate schools. This is mainly for two reasons.

First if they are in same school it will give change to them to understand each others nature. As they attend same school they will have lot of activities like playing sports,studying together and interact with each others in discussions or debates on some subject topics. Also by having such activities together both should not shyness of differnt sex. For example as my elder brother completed his education upto tenth standard in boys school. that time he was living in hostedl away from family for four years. After finishing his school last summer he came to home. In my family my elder sisters marriage activities were going on. There were many relatives came to live. One of my uncle's relatives daughter name Radhika was also came here. Once she want to go ouside and had some urgent work. But nobody was free. So my father told my brother to go with Radhika and have shopping. On whole day my brother was with her but he had not a single word with her. Even they didnt have lunch together. it may happened because my brother was from boys school which makes him very difficult to adjust with girls. As you can see have only boys school made my brother difficult to adjust with girls. It will also difficult for his future life to understand girls nature.

Second it is not feasible from economy point of you. As India is underdeveloped country. Almost seventy percent people depended on firming. Their source of income is either job or bussiness. In India most of the people are poor. There are some people who are still struggling for getting their bread of the day. Their are many people who died because they dont have enough money to buy medicines. I find in pune city there is a village names Chakan. this village has only one school. Around from five to six villages children came here for education. Schools dont have good roads. All such problems are here because economy of India is not good. As you can see contry dont have enough money to fulfill the basic requirements of people then how should we expect that they will have different schools for boys are girls. this is not possible. This experience taught me that from economy point of you it is difficult for India to have different schhols for boys and girls.

In sum, even though some people agree that boys and girls should have different schools. But i am disagree not only it will create problems for boys and girls to understand each other but also it is not possible from economy point.Every country should have schools where boys and girls laern together.
dumi 1 / 6,925 1592  
Jun 12, 2013   #2
Boys and girls are the most important part of our society in which they are living. These people are the parents of their generation.

These lines do not have much relevance to your essay. In the introduction you are supposed to introduce the topic. So, whatever you say there need to have a proper alignment with your topic and should introduce the prompt to the reader. This is what I suggest for this line;

Boys and girls should be given due care in our society because they are the future of the world. Therefore educating them is also very important to guide them in the right path. Some say it is good to have gender mixed education while the others refute this argument.

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