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You are going to have a party at home. Make a talk about how to prepare for the party

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Dec 26, 2021   #1

home party preparation

Hello teacher, my name is Le Thi Huong Quynh, I'm twenty years old, a student of class AC19A1B , majoring in accounting Dong A University.

Today is the final exam day, and my topic is '' You are going to have a party at home. Make a talk about how to prepare for the party''.Here is my presentation, hope you enjoy it.

August is coming, a month that for me is very lucky and memorable. Specifically, August 10th is my mother's birthday.
I will organize a small family party for my mother right in my garden.
The party that day will of course include all members of my family, including my father, my brother, my sister, my sister, and my grandchildren as well.

My mother really loves seafood and drinks lemonade, so that day I will buy a lot of seafood for her, including king crab, lobster, squid, octopus, whale, and lots of seafood dishes another.

The drink at the party that day will be lemonade made by myself, just to ensure everyone's health and it is also the drink that my mother likes.

And most importantly, it's my mother's birthday cake, I will order red cake, because red is my mother's favorite color. In addition, I will never forget the decoration of the birthday party for my mother.

I hope she will be very happy and happy on that day.

Thank you for listening and watching.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Dec 26, 2021   #2
Writing this presentation based on an actual event is a nice approach. At the very least, it gives you a specific type of party to plan and write about. However, you do not really need to mention a month and date for the party since the requirement is for you write about a party in general. So these specifics are not really needed.

In the description of the family members who will be attending the party, you mention "my sister" twice. Is this an error? A repeated reference? If you are referring to 2 different sisters, then you should mention if one is older and the other is younger or say "my 2 older sisters" to use a correct numerical ordinal for them in the presentation. By the way, you are only 21 years old right? How can you have grandchildren at that age? This is reference error in the presentation.

Additionally, the reference to lemonade "made by myself" is a bit confusing in reference as "by myself:" often means a person is alone. You can instead say "lemonade I am making myself" since you are looking into a future reference.

The explanation itself is simple and uses imperfect English. However, you still manage to make yourself understood. You were able to discuss how you plan to prepare for your mother's birthday, which is the point of the essay. Grammar issues aside, it is understandable enough for an English native speaker to understand. That is not to say that you should not try to use properly structured English sentences though. You definitely have to do that.

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