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About good grades and positive thinking

cbentley201 1 / -  
Jan 26, 2012   #1
Good grades are not something that you find on the streets and just pick up! Grades comes from hard work, time, effort and determination. There are pleanty of things that you can do to get good grades, and different ways that you can do those things. Read on to find out about the various things you can do to better your grades.

Have you ever heard of the saying " Good, better, best! You are good but better is better then good and once you beat best then you higher then the rest?" Well, what that is saying is that enable to get a high academic you have to try to do better, then when you catch on to the better then you will eventually be the best!

You may feel as if its impossible to get better grades, but the truth is, good grades are easy to get if you study hard and pay attention. i knoe that some days we may feel lazy and not wanna do work but at that point you should say "Man i want straight A's but, Im Not doing anything for it." and once you realize that, then you will want to be the best! The more postive you think and the more datermnation u have then the more your brain will expand in knowledge.

Straight A's! Man that sound like alot of work for the Advrage kid. Right? Well we cant just wake up with A,s. My teachers always " You give us C work then you get a C grade and if you give us more higher level work then you get a better grade!" I realized that not only do you get a better grade , but you also get more knowlage!

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