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Good teachers set challenging tasks for their students.

amd123 1 / -  
Nov 19, 2012   #1
Some people consider that good teachers set challenging tasks for their students while others think that the teachers who sets challenging tasks for their students are not good. I agree with those who consider that teachers who sets challenging tasks for their students are good. Now I will write my opinion and will explain why I agree by giving specific reasons and examples to support it.

I consider that for good education students should have some homework, because homework has tremendous impact on their educational quality. I consider that that only by doing homework students can learn the subject entirely. The tasks which is set by teachers are the integral part of homework. And I consider that if we want good education and high degree of intellectual rate the tasks should also be challenging, because only challenging tasks can affect on students intellectual rate and only challenging tasks can make students be educated well. If the task is simple student will not make much effort for doing that so they will not learn much. I think that teachers main mission is teaching, educating students, and thist education must be good, therefore I think that good teachers set challenging tasks for their students.

When I was in school I studied many subjects. Some of them I learnt well, but there were some that I did not learn well. I think that I did not learn some subjects well because our teacher did not set challenging tasks for me. For example our math teacher did not give hard homework to me, and sometimes there was not exist any homework, task. And I did not learn math well because of the poor tasks and I think that if our teacher gave us challenging tasks I would lern ,math better. Therefore I cannot consider that my math teacher is good.

In conclusion I would like to claim that problems make us stronger and only only by solving problems we can be smarter than before. A kind of problem is task, homework and by doing challenging tasks students will become smarter and if the students are smarter the teacher is good. So I think that if the teacher has a target to become good teacher one of the ways to become good they should set challenging tasks for their students. 385

kartiprabhu - / 1  
Dec 6, 2012   #2
Most teachers used to make their class more interesting by employing various strategies to help students to understand their subject in depth. There are few teachers who are very immature and less knowledge and tend to make a normal subject more complex just to show they are more intelligent or to mask their inability to teach. Generally, these strategy like assignment, examination and Quiz are used to develop the problem solving skills for students. Overall I would agree to the fact that every teacher utilizes challenging tasks for the benefit of students.

First, teachers wants to ensure the students are acquiring the required knowledge at each stage of their curriculum. They want to know or rate their learning and reasoning skills. And also to help students who face difficulties in getting good grades. For example during my grad school I had an English course which is very tough for me since I am from non native English speaking country. When I started I felt very difficult, but my teacher helped me startegize ways to learn English by putting in more tough tasks like interviewing, editing and writing assays on my own. That gives me deep insight on the subject when I finished the course.

Second, Opportunities, World is very competitive nowadays. Most of the students who come for the university or school are looking for future job opportunity and higher education. For getting good funding and job you need to have sharp knowledge on your aptitude and problem solving skills. By engaging in more challenging tasks students develop their strategies, knowledge and ideas to help themselves to secure their future. Example I am now a successful lawyer because of my skill to solve problem efficiently and effectively.

Third, In addition to obtaining fundamental skills and opportunities, they develop and utilize these skills to handle personal problems and make good decision in their career.

Finally, I would agree to the notion that good teachers give more challenging tasks to makes us more skillful and sucessful. Overall I would conclude "A good sea will never make skilled sailor".

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