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TASK 2: Government regulation in competition

dinhtrang2905 1 / -  
Jun 5, 2024   #1
Some people believe that government should play a more active role in regulating businesses to ensure fair competition, while others argue that businesses should be left to regulate themselves. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The prevailing view is that government should be more responsible for controlling business with competition, while opponents maintain corporations have better regulate it themselves. From my perspective, companies should not be restricted by government. This essay will elaborate both perspectives and the culprits why I lean towards the latter one.

On the one hand, the opinion to restrict the fair of competition in businesses is significant for several reasons. The main culprit that woth-mentioning is that government have the ability to set laws; therefore, they have the power to monitor all sorts of companies. As government consider business the priority, companies have more fixed rules of conduct which lead to a more effective competitions. Furthermore, the majority of planet's corporations depend heavily on government sponsorship which is the key factors contributing to the extraordinary dependent on governmental of business sector. For instance, government should decline its subsidy when a company do not follow the competitive rules. Last but not least, government have the power to restrict large companies through tax, regulation, fine, so the companies themselves must follow the rules to be success in such competitive market.

On the other hand, there are variety reasons why companies should be left to controlled themselves. One reason is that, each business have their own type of costumers they are looking for, they argue that other competitors are on top of their agenda and have their own competitive strategies. Business themselves can manage their employees or have changes in their processes to against opponents in a efficient way. An example of this case is that one company can change to more cost-efficient materials to alleviate products' cost to a more affordable price for customers to purchase. Moreover, business requires amortizations from each company to others, if government too strict on regulating laws, the economic diplomatic will be worn through this.

In conclusion, it seem evident that both governments' restriction in ensuring fair competition and businesses' own controls both have their unique prospects. However, I firmly believe companies should be left to regulate themselves.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,974 4811  
Jun 12, 2024   #2
Do not over discuss your presentations. Keep in mind that there is a 40 minute writing limit for the task 2 essay. You will face a failing score based upon an open ended essay if you write an essay this long during the actual test. You should focus on conciseness and explanation clarity in your presentation. Do not focus on word count. A long essay has never resulted in a passing score. Rather, it opens your essay to avoidable errors. These avoidable errors become present when you do not have enough time to proof read your paper prior to submission.

the culprits

Incorrect vocabulary usage. You are not really focusing on the quality of your writing. This incorrect reference usage will definitely result in a lower than expected LR and GRA score. You failed to use a more applicable reference word.

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