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Governments should not have to provide care or financial support for elderly people because ...

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Jan 16, 2020   #1

the support of state for senior citizens

People have different views about whether or not governments should help senior citizens. Although I accept that we all have the responsibility to save money for retirement, I disagree with the idea that elderly people should receive no support from the state.

There are several reasons why people should save money for their retirement age. Firstly, many people find it hard to live on a basic pension plan. It is often said that today's retiree receives less than half their income from Social Security, and the rest will need to come from other sources, for example, personal savings. Secondly, when you save in a retirement plan, your money can grow faster because earnings that could have been taxed get reinvested and earn even more. Finally, having to live with the kids because you cannot afford to live independently is not how most of us want to spend our retirement years.

However, I believe governments should provide care and give benefits to all senior citizens. The elderly are usually infirm and weak segment of the population and, therefore, need someone to look after them. Some citizens may even have failed to take out a pension during their working years or did not have the resources to pay into a pension because of unemployment. I would also argue that governments are responsible for creating problems such as housing crisis and inflation that stripped senior citizens of having any retirement. Now, it is for the state to take the lead on not only fixing it, but also taking care of those who were victimized in the process.

In conclusion, while everyone needs to have retirement plans, I believe that providing economic support and welfare for senior citizens is one major responsibility of governments.
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Jan 17, 2020   #2
Your task response is incorrect. The method by which you discussed the essay shows that you only partially agree with the given prompt statement. However, your explanation in the introduction implies that you have a full disagreement with the given prompt. The mistake stemmed from your inability to recognize that the prompt is an "extent" prompt and therefore, requires a measured response of "fully, totally, or partially", to name but a few measured emotional extent words that you could have used. As such, you will not get a very high TA score. There is also the problem of your addiction to comma usage. Learn to use a mix of short and long sentences for a better GRA score. Avoid using commas to connect ideas and thoughts in a sentence whenever possible. Overuse of the comma can adversely affect the GRA score.
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Jan 17, 2020   #3
Thank you for your comments.
I was aiming for a "balanced" view response not "strong " or "partially agreed " view, which allowed me to write about both parts of the question.

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