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WRITING TASK 1: The graph below shows consumers' average annual expenditure on cell phone, national

pigchienn 1 / -  
Feb 22, 2023   #1

phone and fixed-line services expenditures

The presented line graph gives data about how much average money do American consumers spend yearly on cell phone services,national and international fixed-line services throughout a 9-year period commencing from 2001.

As can be seen from the chart, the average amount of cell phone services experienced a dramatic increase, while that in national fixed-line services went down swiftly during the period. The figure for international fixed-line services was lowest among three categories.

Starting off 2001, the US consumers paid nearly $700 yearly for national land line, compared to just under $250 for both worldwide and mobile phone landline services. Over the proceeding five years, the average expense for national fixed-line services decreased to almost $500. In contrast, annual spending on cell-phone services climbed steadily by around $300. Meanwhile, the average amount for worldwide land line services hovered around $300.

In 2006, American consumers spent the same amount of money on mobile and national fixed-line services, with just about $500 for each other. Since 2006, the amount of money spent on mobile phone services has surpassed that of national fixed-line services and gained popularity in the USA, at roughly $750 in 2010. Over the same period, the figure for international landline services still remained stable at approximately $300.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4800  
Feb 23, 2023   #2
Try to stay under the 200 word count for the task 1 essay. The last thing you would want is to cut into the remaining 40 minutes for the task 2 essay. You should only allot 15 minutes writing time and 5 minutes for reviewing, editing, and final version completion. You will need to time yourself mentally in this case, since you will be expected to know how to allot writing time during the actual test.

While the sentence presentation and structure does need work in terms of fluency and sentence type for the presentation, these do not distract from the information being provided in the report. However, the analysis is not as complete as it can be. There are years of overlapping expenses and costing for some services that you did not really notice, which should have been used for comparison purposes in the report. Not to worry though, you did a good enough job with the analysis aspect to create coherent and cohesive presentations. You might just get a passing score with this kind of work. Further improvements in the aspects I mentioned earlier would help increase the overall scoring marks.

Home / Writing Feedback / WRITING TASK 1: The graph below shows consumers' average annual expenditure on cell phone, national
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