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The graph and table give information about water use worldwide and water consumption in 2 country.

Callmemin 1 / -  
May 20, 2021   #1

water used for different purposes

The graph and table show the amount of water used internationally for different purposes and compare three sectors between Brazil and Congo in 2000.

It is clear that there was a dramatic rise in the average of global water use from 1990 to 2000 with agriculture purpose having the largest amount of water use for. Additionally, a remarkable gap out of all three sectors between two different countries can be seen from the table.

In 1990, while the water use worldwide for agriculture reached about half one thousand km3, the figure for industrial and domestic just stood at nearly 0km3, making a noticeable difference. The former followed an up-ward trend regularly for the next one hundred years and at the end of the period, it peaked at 3000km3. Though the flatter experienced a considerable increase, the amount of water used for industrial use was only one-third that for agriculture, and domestic use water even was below, at just around 200 km3.

In the other hand, in 2000, the population of Brazil was about 176 million people; that country also had an enormous area for irrigation, approximately 26500km2. Cougo, by contrast, just had 5.2 million nationalities and 100km2 irrigated land, respectively. As a result, there was a significant difference in the amount of water use in these two countries with the data in Brazil being nearly 45 times larger than that in Congo, which was only 8m3.

Hi, first time in there. Thank you for helping/fixing me. Wish you had a gud day.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
May 20, 2021   #2
Upload the image /s next time. It is impossible forme to judge your writing accuracy without it. I'll do what I can based on this information. However, I will still need the image/ s next time.

The summary overview needs to presentdata overview based on each separate image. The sentence requirement for that partis at least 3 descriptive sentences. Your current version does not accurately describe the images. What countries were compared? If only 3 countries were referred to, then you should not be referring to global measurements, only country comparisons.

I believe you are using localized measurement references in your essay rather than the international standard format. Use the latter for clarity purposes. Not everyone is familiar with the reference style you used which can make it stressful or confusing for the leader. Consider the audience when you write and use the major writing format as required.

* Limited review due to lack of reference image.
Salimakmur 2 / 6 1  
May 21, 2021   #3
The intro said "between Brazil and Congo in 2000," but in the overview, I see it from 1990 - 2000 even you explaining the data from 1990.

In your overview, it is too general. Maybe not just explain the rise of an average of global water use and describe the most and the least sector that uses water in 1990 and 2000.

Since there is no image, it is very limited in how to respond to this.

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