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Hat culture in Britain essay.

xitrona 4 / 11  
Jun 1, 2012   #1
please help with my essay. its due to next week. sentences, vocabulary words, grammar.
need advice too. any help will be appreciated..

One of the famous and interesting characteristic that Britain has is "Hat". The hat statement itself can not be apart from Britain. In Britain not only hat is the culture for British people but also can be lead to a fashion statement. British are very famous with their hat culture. There are many kinds of hat from Britain which is now often been used as a fashion accessories in around the world.

Theories abound as to why the Brits are so obsessed with hats, with some saying the island's lousy weather might be a cause, while experts say it's the royal family that has kept it alive. When we talk about hat in Britain or British hat, sure our imagination is direct to the Royal Wedding hats like we had seen before in Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding last 29th, April 2011. It was a phenomenal event which was all women in Royal Family and almost all the guests used hats. The Royal Family itself has long history about hat. The Queen Elizabeth I, was one fan of Peacock-ish hat. And the Queen Elizabeth II herself has been worn 50 thousand hats in this last 50 years.

At first there was that time when Anglican Church made the obligation about wearing hat when woman come to the church as their head-cover. From that time, the custom of wearing hat has been developed until now. Hilary Alexander, a fashion editor The Daily Telegraph, "It is a must for the Royal Family to wear hats in every special occasion. The bigger the hat is, the good it is"

Beside the Royal hat, Britain also has another kind of hat, for example "Bowler hat" (said to be the hat of a London call John Bowler design business in 1950), which was popular during the 1950s and 1960s, where brits men wore the Bowler hat as part of the City uniform and went on to be associated with businessmen in the City of London, but the practice died out during the seventies.

Hat in Britain also can differentiate the status. If someone wore a black and a new upright "bowler hat", he would be highly of; instead, the old one wore a "bowler" who will be looked down upon. "Hats have long denoted status," said Oriole Cullen, curator of a Victoria & Albert Museum 2009 hat exhibit that has since gone to Australia and heads to New York in September. "Up until the 1950s, a woman wasn't even considered properly dressed unless she was wearing a hat and gloves."

Not only Royal hats and Bowler hat, there are also baker boy cap, top hats, boaters, deerstalkers and countless ladies creations have been worn by Royal family and commoners alike through the centuries.

confused with the conclusion :(
ah_zafari [Contributor] 40 / 672 148  
Jun 2, 2012   #2
There are interesting information in this essay. Thank u for this great information.

Not onlyBeside Royal hats and Bowler hat, there are also baker boy cap, top hats, boaters, deerstalkers and countless ladies creations which have been worn by Royal family and commoners alike through the centuries.

In conclusion, u can restate the topic at first and then write an ending statement. For instance: "In summary, one of the interesting features of the culture of England is various types of hat. Different factors have affected this aspect of British culture such as the attitude of Royal Family toward the issue, which could make the "Hat" as a symbol of the UK.

OP xitrona 4 / 11  
Jun 2, 2012   #3
Wow! thank you Ahmad :)
I am interested in this hat culture resently,
so I tried to write it out for my last task of one of my subject in this semester.

can I ask you a question?
is it will be ok if I put pictures in an esaay ?
ah_zafari [Contributor] 40 / 672 148  
Jun 2, 2012   #4
Hi, If it is an article, putting some pictures is OK and it helps readers to become familiar with hats, but in an essay it is not common to insert the picture of somethings (in this case the pictures of the hats)
OP xitrona 4 / 11  
Jun 2, 2012   #5
oh, I see. pictures in the article then...
thank you :)

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