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Is imagination more important than knowledge - SAT essay

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Sep 16, 2007   #1
"Is imagination more important than knowledge for human developement?"

Even though my siblings were much more creative than I was, they could never design better websites or edit pictures better than I. I attribute my success to my relatively superior knowledge rather than to my imagination. And I think even for human survival, 1st comes the knowledge, then the imagination. Without prior knowledge, imagination loses its focus and is not always fruitful.

In my A Levels Psychology I studied that even though intelligence is inherited without proper exposure and development a person might not be as intelligent as his parents. This exposure and development are not inherited but learned. And learning comes from experiences and knowledge. Therefore without a proper IQ level a person is less likely to be as imaginative as would be a person with developed mind which has a higher IQ level.

Even in the past, discoveries in sciences were not made without prior knowledge. Newton, Einstiene, and Gallelio all were capable and well learned people. Einstien's greatest discovery of nuclear bomb, was not merely a piece of wandering imagination. In fact such an intricate mechanism cannot be developed without prior knowledge and observations.

Imagination does play its role in human progress, but it cannot work alone without prior knowledge.

Please comment on the essay i wrote. What i need to know more is whether my essay is focused or not. Does it express any idea? If yes, then how well?


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