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Immoral Experience: "you should never say swear words"

Michael B 1 / -  
Oct 12, 2010   #1
Whenever you say anything with three or four year old children in earshot, do you think about what they hear? Do you also think about what they hear from television shows and movies that they watch with you? Because, what I witnessed happen, gravelly affected me, and caused me to think about what comes out of my mouth. Especially words and how I react to them. So, all you swear word users out there should reconsider your choice of words and their uses.

"Hm. That looks good," said Megan. Megan is my older sister, and a college graduate. Megan, my mom and I were sitting in our living room looking for something to watch on T.V. We had scrolled through just about every channel at least twice when Megan happened upon the movie, Legally Blond.

"Oh yeah," I said, sitting up. "I've heard that it's very funny." For those of you who don't know what Legally Blond is, it's a movie about some ditsy Valley Girl that some how got into Law School.

During her first case, she is questioning a witness who claims to be, "deeply in love" with the daughter of a murder victim. As it just so happens, the daughter is the believed killer. While being questioned, he was revealed as a liar and his witness statement was disregarded. How did he lie? Well, his boyfriend's name is Chuck. Thus, he is gay and not in love with Susan (the daughter).

It was during this moment of the movie where my little brother, Jeremiah, came in and sat on my mom's lap. James, the gay guy in the movie, is trying to convince the court that the lawyer is confusing him.

"I'm not gay!" He exclaims. "I don't even know anyone named Chuck!" Then, Chuck stands up and shouts, "YOU B#*$#!" So, as a result, I laughed a little.

Then, as if right on cue, Jeremiah shouted..."YOU B#*$#!" And laughed. For about five minutes, at least, my mom lectures him on, "Why you should never say that, EVER!" After his lecture, mom shoots a glare at me. I start to feel like my mom is sending a message to me, "Never react like that to anything that bad ever again!" I can still feel that sentence being branded into my memory.

In conclusion, you should never say swear words or even laugh at them. It makes life much simpler, and less painful, if you just utterly avoid them entirely. You will deal with them less and less in your life when you ask someone who's swearing to, "Please don't say that while I'm around," or say to them, "Would you say that if Jesus was standing next to you?" From that point on, life gradually becomes less, and less morally painful, and much more satisfying.
RyanVi16 12 / 91  
Oct 12, 2010   #2
is this a college essay? To be honest, it's not good. What you did was telling the reader what the movie is about, and the profanity that you added (even though is not spelled out) is very informal and inappropriate. What is the prompt anyways? The essay is pretty much straight forward, just reading your introduction, the reader already know your entire essay. Your goal is to interest them to read the entire essay. You might want to fix this problem first, then we can continue to look at the rest, I promise.
dfdfdf 3 / 5  
Oct 12, 2010   #3
sorry but I agree with ryanvi16. try focusing more on what this movie did for you if you really like this topic and less on the actual plot. Plus in legally blonde, the gay guy is in love with the wife of the murder victim it is not the daughter. Plus, plus these are not the names of the characters in the movie.

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