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The impact AI has on our day to day lives essay, peer edit my essay <3

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Nov 15, 2023   #1
As the promise of a world where thinking and learning machines can do the work of millions with ease beyond understanding beckons, it is put at odds by the haunting specter of jobs being lost in droves, the ethical dilemmas that come alongside the use of artificial sentience, and our privacy eroding away - forcing us to deal with the double-edged sword of what the implications of artificial intelligence mean for our daily lives. With the rapid advances of artificial intelligence seeping into our daily routines, it's behoove one to give some kind of further scrutiny within this thorny landscape this technology provides, understanding its promise - not only to enhance productivity and, yes, even convenience - but also profound ethical concerns, radical socio economic effects, as well as the eventual job displacement it so soon conjures upon us within our contemporary society. Artificial intelligence, a promising innovation, both presents promising prospects and potential pitfalls in daily life with unparalleled conveniences and efficiencies while giving concerns on privacy, jobs displacement, as well as ethical implications.

Artificial intelligence is becoming part and parcel of human life today and is revolutionizing everything from smart homes to personalized healthcare, bringing convenience and efficiency to new levels without precedence while changing the way we approach simple daily tasks. In the article Unmasking the Beast: The Incredible Risk to Personal Privacy with AI Adoption and How to Mitigate Your Risk the author states "Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. AI can automate routine and time-consuming tasks, allowing us to focus on more important activities"(Ivey 1). AI-powered technologies, for instance virtual assistants or chatbots, make such tasks easier that would otherwise take a lot of time. For example, Siri or Alexa can set reminders on one's behalf and answer queries as well as control smart home devices thus saving one the amount of time spent on unimportant activities. This efficiency means that there is more time to engage in meaningful pursuits, work, hobbies or spending quality time with family and friends. Having delved into the many ways through which artificial intelligence has made life more efficient and convenient, it is now important to shift our main focus towards the ethical dilemmas that accompany its widespread use, including those to do with data privacy and surveillance, as well as algorithmic biases.

Reflecting on the ethical and privacy concerns posed by artificial intelligence, it is evident that rapidly transforming AI technologies raise key questions of data privacy, surveillance practice and potential bias embedded within algorithms projecting a major challenge to the delicate balance between technological acceleration and individual rights. Stated in the article 7 artificial intelligence examples in everyday life "targeted advertising based on personal data, data breaches leading to identity theft, and misuse of personal data by unauthorized entities"(Jayaraman 4). The use of artificial intelligence in the gathering, analyzing, and store of personal data is indeed a high risk to privacy. Targeted advertising, data breaches, unauthorized access to the personal data are an invasion of privacy of people, portraying AI as an ethical concern and the need to have strong regulations to safeguard individuals' sensitive information.

In view of the ethical issues and privacy concerns with respect to AI, the paramount concern at this stage is its socioeconomic impact, viz. the impacts on the labor market, and most importantly for this study, the dire need now to develop robust strategies to mitigate job displacement because of the advent of AI and hence provide a level playing ground to everybody in an AI dominated world.

Looking at the transformational effect that automation and artificial intelligence are making on the job market reveals a number of factors, which underlie important hurdles towards efficient integration of these technologies in vulnerable sectors. Among these is the apparent job displacements they can create and the emergency for comprehensive retraining programs and equity solutions to bridge the skill gap now forming and forestall developing socioeconomic discrepancies from there. The author explains in ​​How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Jobs 2023-2030 that "Artificial intelligence (AI) could replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs"(Rostron 1). The number of 300 million full-time jobs does not leave any chance for insisting on the suggestive quantity of positions that could be automated and thus leave dispossessed members on the sidewalks, or else in need of very significant adaptation to find other ways of working.

Artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword that promises great convenience and timesaving applications for our daily lives yet raises serious questions on privacy, displacement of jobs and ethics. However, keeping these great prospects in balance with possible pitfalls means consider everything with caution while sticking to ethical guidelines and proactive policies so that beneficial AI can be exploited responsibly and equitably in a future context.
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Nov 27, 2023   #2
the author states "

Who is the author? Prior to using the citation, kindly inform the reader of the name of the author. In addition to that, you should also provide a quick background on the author. Focus on information about his professional background that would convince the reader that he is an authority on the subject and that his statement should be given careful consideration.

Stated in the article 7 artificial intelligence examples in everyday life "targeted advertising based on personal data, data breaches leading to identity theft, and misuse of personal data by unauthorized

Capitalize the title of the article. It is difficult to differentiate in this presentation. You need to follow the correct guidelines when writing titles in an opinion or analytical paper.

The number of 300 million full-time jobs

Further analysis is required with regards to this information. Where did you get this number from? What is the basis of this claim? Why do you support it?

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